Getting Ripped - CUTTING EDGE

Combating "Post Freshers week spread!"


Getting ripped

Combating "Post Freshers week spread."

The scenario…. It's the morning after the last night of Freshers week and you're staggering around your room with a mouth as dry as your bank account. You've three worries, firstly (and maybe most importantly) you can't remember if that girl you pulled is fit or not, secondly, your lecture's in 15 minutes and your still in your spider man pyjamas and finally those diesel jeans you bought at the start of freshers week will no longer button up. We've all been there however unlike last year this year you may be able to solve one of those three problems by reading this article. As for the girl and the lecture, you're on your own.

Getting ripped is fundamentally an energy deficit over a long period of time, so like your degree you may get a 1st in one module but if the rest are crap the end result is not going to be a good one.

Energy Deficit = Energy expended (exercise, metabolism, thermic effect of feeding) > Energy taken in (Food + alcohol)

Energy Surplus = Energy expended (exercise, metabolism, thermic effect of feeding) < Energy taken in (Food + alcohol)

As you've probably gathered from my high tech, complex equation, in order to get ripped and lose body fat both your diet and exercise regime has got to be spot on. If you fail in either one you will be mistakenly captured, taken back to Sea World and put with the other whales. Because like a football team the attack and defence must be strong to get results, what's the point in having a wicked attack (training regime) if you can't defend (diet.) You will only end up finishing last in the league (going home alone every night from the union bar.)

So firstly training…cardio of any kind is superb for getting cut and impressing the ladies, or men. But knowing the correct intensity, duration and time of your work out is key to getting rid of that barrel belly and getting a stomach you can be proud of. So here are my Tricks of the Trade:

TIP-30-40 minutes cardio as soon as you wake up (whether this is 9 o'clock in the morning or 1 o'clock in the afternoon) Do not eat anything before and only have water to get hydrated. Then don't eat anything until an hour after finishing
WHY - The glycogen levels in your muscles are depleted and your muscle hormone levels in your blood are at their lowest after 7 hours of sleeping and not eating. This means your body will use the fat on your body as a source of energy. Also afterwards your basal metabolic rate and enzymic activity is elevated so you're still burning calories.
RESULT- A lean, mean and more cut you that will want to go to the beach party in the union in his Speedos.

TIP - The intensity should be between 30% and 60% max heart rate.
WHY- Since this is perfect for oxidising and mobilising triglycerides. Also at this intensity you will only burn fat; if the intensity is greater you begin to use protein which means you will end up with a body like a Kenya marathon runner (little body fat and little muscle mass.)
RESULT - A ripped, and still muscular you, that doesn't belong at uni but on the set of Baywatch.

Weight training is not only amazing for building muscle but it has been shown to burn more calories than cardio, so what are you waiting for….get the sweat band, grab a water bottle and go pump some iron…but wait first I must tell educate you with some of my Tricks of the trade:

TIP- Aim to lift between 75% of your one repetition max (a weight you can lift approximately 4-6 times)
WHY - This is the optimal weight for building muscle, burning calories AND amazingly increasing your basal metabolic rate. Your metabolism remains elevated for up to 36 hours after you have weight trained, this is unlike cardio whose ability to burn calories only lasts for the duration of the exercise.
RESULT - Your shirts may become a little stretched but your body fat will be so low your stomach will look like an arranged basket of French rolls.
There are many other weight training methods for getting ripped but it will be completely dependant upon your somatotype (body type) metabolism, age, gender and other factors. If you want more specific advice I will be more than happy to help you (contact details at end of article)

Next we have got to strengthen your football teams defence, your diet. I know this is going to be hard, the cheap drinks, the Turkish kebab house around the corner, the two for one pizza offers BUT I will give you some guidelines that, until now, was only known by myself, Hercules and David Hasselhoff here are my Tricks of the trade:

TIP - Avoid saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and refined white carbohydrates and sugars but eat Essential fatty acids (fat burning agents.)
WHY- The bad fats will all store as fat on the body and cover up those lovely abs you have just built. The good fats support the body's metabolism and aid in the burning of fat on the body.
RESULT - EMPTY fridge because you have got rid of the white bread, cream, chocolate, crisps, butter and sugar. FULL inbox on your phone from all the girls wanting a piece of you.

TIP- No carbohydrates after 6pm, nothing to eat after 7-8pm and have your larger meals during the morning
WHY- your body's metabolism slows down when your asleep so any access calories or carbohydrates that are still in your stomach at night will be stored as fat when you sleep.
RESULT - You no longer have a tab at Pizza hut but you walk around topless at every opportunity.

TIP- Eat between 1-2 grams of protein per kg of your body weight a day.
WHY- Protein requires more energy to digest therefore it burns more calories once eaten. It also makes you feel full for longer and if that's not enough it will also help you build muscle (Note: no more than 20g-30 of protein in one sitting as the body can't absorb this much and it will turn to fat and toxins in the body, having the right amount is key.)
RESULT - You will have more fish in your freezer than Captain Birds eye and more chicken than the KFC colonel himself but you will build muscle and keep your body fat low.

TIP - Drink a lot of water
WHY- It will give you nice skin, support your metabolism, suppress your appetite, burn more calories, support brain function and you won't get as fatigued as easily.
RESULT - You will become very well acquainted with the toilet but you will have skin as blemish free as a baby's bottom, you'll get a 1st in your degree (not guaranteed) and you'll want to wear vests in the winter.

TIP - Eat 7 small meals throughout the day; keep the total calories the same but change the frequency of eating
WHY - This will ensure your blood sugar levels remain consistent (stop your cravings) and your body will be able to digest the food and burn the calories more efficiently.
RESULT - You may have to smuggle chicken salads and tuna sandwiches into your lectures but your energy levels will increase and those abs you bid farewell to at the start of freshers week will begin to make a come back.

TIP - Eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg
WHY- They contain enzymes that support the body's metabolism and bodily functions
RESULT - The local green grocer becomes your new best friend and you tell Menshealth magazine you won't do a calendar for them because you're going to be on the cover of the British University Boys one instead.

Finally supplements, the little helpers in your quest for an Adonis body. My Tricks of the trade:

  • Fat Stripper
  • B vitamins - help metabolise carbohydrates and protein
  • L tyrosine - to reduce appetite
  • Co-enzyme Q10 - is a metabolic stimulant
  • Green and sea vegetables - support the body's metabolism
  • Multi vitamin - support the body's metabolism
  • Udo's oil or flax oil - a great supply of essential fatty acids
  • Chromium polynicotinate - helps stop cravings
  • Chickweed, breaks down fat deposits
  • Kelp, helps support the thyroid gland (gland responsible for the bodies metabolism)
  • Green tea - breaks down fat and burns calories
  • Ginseng - will nourish the metabolic system
  • Caffeine - this is a thermogenic (burns calories) but studies are controversial and some believe it makes the thyroid gland tired. Try it and be your own judge

You do not need all of these, WOW that would be a feat. Just try certain ones and see how you feel. Read and learn from this article and although you can't got to lectures with your top off….. YOU'LL WANT TO!!!





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