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Francesca Giacomini

I often get asked: ‘What do you eat?’ or ‘You must be starving yourself to look so slim, don’t you?’ or ‘What’s your secret?

The secret is to eat clean food, small and often with a good combination of healthy carbs, protein and fat.

If you starve yourself your body goes on what is called ‘starvation mode’, therefore it starts to hold on to the fat, because it’s afraid is going to die! To be slim you have to eat! From now on this will be your mantra!

Of course you have to choose wisely since they are so many temptations out there, so start to cut the processed food and everything that contains sugar and eat only real, whole food! It tastes so good! Mother Mature is so smart, follow what she offers you!

Now listen.... I'll tell you a secret...

If you don’t eat enough whole grains like brown rice, oats, millet your brain is going to stop functioning! These will keep you fuller for longer while increasing your energy levels and help keep your blood sugar stable. So if you want to be fun and energetic, EAT your HEALTHY CARBS!!

ANIMAL PROTEINS are essential to feed your muscles making you stronger. It also helps keep your body tissue healthy and inflammation free. Try: turkey, chicken, egg whites, lean red meat, white and oily fish (salmon is my favourite, I even eat the crispy skin!). If you are VEGETERIAN switch to: soy products, legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans) and quinoa. You have no excuses! To be strong and take life into action, you GOT to EAT up your PROTEINS!

Your diet should also include GOOD FAT such as olive oil, nuts, nut butter and seeds, avocado and fish oils. These are packed with fatty acid that will help your skin to glow and your cells to grow stronger. It helps you to build strong nails, hair and skin along with your protein. I tell you broken nails, damage hair or skin is not sexy!!! Eat your good fat and get whistle at! ;)

And of course don’t forget to fill up with VEGETABLES and FRUITS (tomato, broccoli, spinach, blueberries, raspberries, just to name a few...), which are dense in nutrient and full of antioxidants, so to prevent ageing of the skin eat your greens and forget the anti-wrinkle cream!

ROOT and orange-fleshed vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, squash are food of the gods. They are full of nutrients and fibers, and they will enrich your metabolism with beta-carotene. So forget Fake Tanning, if you want an healthy glow eat the orange stuff!

Keep an eye on PORTION SIZE! Measuring your portion is easy: a portion of carbohydrates should be the size of your fist, of protein should be the size of your palm while a helping of fruit (ex. blueberries) and vegetables should fit in your cupped hands. However a fruit is already measure for you (i.e. 1 banana). Half a tsp of olive oil is enough with each meal, for almonds and other nuts eat half the size of your fist. Just be sensible and stop when full, listen to your body it knows better!

VERY IMPORTANT: Eat small and often, every 3 hrs, so to keep your metabolism fired up and avoid drop in sugar levels: never arrive hungry at meal times! Just to remind you: if the metabolism is fast, the waistline is tiny!!!

Top everything up by drinking plenty of water, these will act as a natural cleanser for your body and moisturiser for your skin.

Please send your feed back or any questions you have to: info@theactivechannel.com

And remember I’m always listening and happy to share!

Love and Light







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