20 tips for fast fat loss

If you don't have the time to read a book, here are 20 proven and effective tips for getting rid of your spare tyre.


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Cut out saturated fats

They do nothing for you, so avoid them completely. These are fats found in greasy foods, crisps, chocolates, pastry...

Reduce late carbs

Make it a strict rule not to have any of the following after 5 p.m.

  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Fruit

Cut out junk/fast foods

Yes they are convenient but they contain nothing but rubbish. They are ladened full of saturated fat and unhealthy ingredients. Eat crap and your body will look like crap. Why do you think so many people have such deep-rooted fat like cellulite? Stay away from junk food. If you see a fast food place, avoid it. Go to a sandwich shop instead and get a sandwich.

Eat only when hungry

This is really important. Why on earth are we eating constantly? When was the last time you let your body experience that hungry feeling? There is nothing wrong with having an empty stomach for a few hours. Get used to it. Eat only when you feel hungry.

Eat smaller meals

Don't eat what is put on your plate for you. Fill the plate up only as much as you can eat without stuffing yourself. Eat more frequently but eat smaller portions. This is a good way of speeding your metabolism up.

Drink water

Yes you have heard it a million times. What do you think shifts the fat out of your body? Drink water throughout the day, every day. You must drink at least 2-3 litres a day, more if you are sweating or trying to lose fat.

Make CV a integral part of your every day life

Try and do 45+ minutes, 3-4 times a week on either the stationary bike, rower, stepper or go out fast walking. CV is the only guaranteed way of getting rid of the fat which you already posses.

Stay in your Target Heart Range

The mistake many people make is to do CV but not stay in their Target Heart Range (THR). This means that they do the exercise but fat reserves are not used for fuelling their workout. By ensuring that you stay in your THR, you will burn more fat. The THR is where you are not gasping for breath but you are also not finding the exercise too easy; it is a happy medium. This is why fast walking is better than walking and better than jogging for fat burning; it is a happy medium and enables you to stay in your THR.

Eat fibre

It is amazing to see just how many people are constipated. Why? It's not rocket science you know! If you don't exercise and you don't eat fibre, chances are you will be constipated. Fibre ensures a healthy intestinal tract, less toxins and less fat. Eating fibre reduces food passage time and can aid fat loss. If you are confused, then get a packet of prunes and have some during the day.

Drink green tea

The wonder drink for relaxation and fat loss. They drink it in the Orient and you can't deny that they are slimmer than most others.

Take EFAs

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are very good for your body. As well as being good for your skin, they also curb appetite just when you usually go for the cookie jar!

Don't lose muscle tissue

It is imperative that you don't lose any muscle tissue during your fat-loss phase. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn. Make sure you keep an eye out on your body and that you are not losing any muscles.

Shop only on a full stomach

The classic mistake people make is to go shopping on an empty stomach. All that happens is you end up buying sugary foods to satisfy your hunger. Always always go shopping after you have eaten. You will amazed at just how wise you will be in your choices!

Get more active

Caroline PearceEvery little bit helps. Stay active. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Walk to the station instead of driving. Go out during your breaks. Make sure you are using calories at every available opportunity. Remember, winning starts with beginning.

Drink caffeine

Caffeine is without a doubt a good fat-burner. A cup of coffee in the morning followed by a cup of grapefruit juice (yeah it sounds disgusting!) can be a very good start to your fat-burning day.

Don't get stressed - relax!

People who are too desperate to lose fat, usually put their progress back. Stress means the release of cortisol which destroys muscle and stores fat! So don't get stressed and try to find ways of relaxing.

Lose the "fat" not "weight"!

Don't get obsessed with the scales. How much you "weigh" is not the issue here. Your weight consists of fat, muscle, bones etc. It is how much "fat" you have which is important. Throw your scales out and make sure the mirror is your guide. How much you "weight" has NOTHING to do with how much fat you have.

Do weight training

Weight training builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue ensures a steady fat-burning furnace is operating in your body. Don't neglect bodyparts like the legs, which can burn a great deal of body fat.

Use supplements

Supplements can without a doubt assist you to lose more fat quickly. They are not miracle pills but in the right environment, they can be extremely beneficial, especially if you are in a hurry. Fat Stripper burns fat fast. The Six Pack Pill is great for getting rid of the extra layers of fat that cover your abs and stop them from showing.

Be persistent

Fat doesn't appear overnight and it most certainly doesn't disappear overnight. Be persistent and stick to it. The body is not a mystery. Start, stick to it and you will succeed.



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