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10 random fat loss secrets

Quick new ways to lose weight


1. Water oxidizes fat and shifts it out of your body. Drink a glass every 30-60 minutes.

10 random fat loss secrets2. Don’t ever starve yourself. Eat some protein-rich foods just before you start feeling hungry. This can be eggs, a low sugar protein shake, some meat, tofu etc

3. Never ever shop on an empty stomach and avoid bits of the supermarket where you know you will be tempted.

4. Have more sex! Sex burns calories and is great for feeling good about yourself and motivating you to look better.

5. Don’t be afraid of being active and sweating. Some people avoid any physical activity because that’s just “who they are”. Is this you? Make a change today and do something different by being a little bit more active than yesterday.
Tomorrow, you can be a little bit more active than today.

6. Read labels and don’t avoid good fats. Some people read labels of products such as avocados and get put off by the high fat Content. What you should be avoiding is “saturated fats”.

7. Avoid fruit juices such as orange, grape, apple. Fruit juices are high in sugar and play havoc with your body. It is much better to have the actual fruit and make sure you chew it well!

8. Stay away from carbonated beverages as they bloat you and give you the “fat look”.

9. If you don’t have a medical condition, try a 2 day protein and water only diet. Eat only lean meats, chicken, fish, dairy (low fat), eggs and tofu. This will make a dramatic difference to your weight.

10. Add spices such as cayenne pepper, turmeric and cinnamon to your foods. They burn lots of fat.

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