Yoga for Weightlifters
by LA MUSCLE on 29.10.2015 09:06 am
Ever felt like your hamstrings were sabotaging your squats? Yoga might be the answer.
REVEALED: Why you are so angry & stressed all the time
by LA MUSCLE on 21.10.2015 10:05 am
How to overcome anger, irritability and stress
Zoran's Top Tips for Daily Motivation
by LA MUSCLE on 15.10.2015 08:56 am
People are always asking me how I stay so motivated so I thought i'd share a few things with you that help me stay on track daily and make sure that I keep focused and ready for every challenge.
Can't get it up? Here's how you can...
by LA MUSCLE on 13.10.2015 10:39 am
A home remedy that may just work and it's free
10 foods you shouldn't eat before sleep
by LA MUSCLE on 25.09.2015 10:19 pm
10 worst foods to eat before bed
Cortisol: Influence on Training
by LA MUSCLE on 10.08.2015 12:08 pm
The secret to attaining your best possible physique is an endocrine balancing act, where in which you must ensure certain hormones stay high whilst keeping others lower.
Aspartame - The Hidden Hazards
by LA MUSCLE on 14.07.2015 04:54 pm
One of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners could be more dangerous than you think.
Making Time For The Gym
by LA MUSCLE on 24.06.2015 04:48 pm
Find out some useful tips how to squeeze some extra time for a workout
Bodybuilders Exposed to Risks from Drinking Human Breast Milk
by LA MUSCLE on 19.06.2015 02:53 pm
The new craze in the bodybuilding industry seems to be something that is as shocking as it is dangerous - drinking breast milk.
How eating a lot can help you lose weight
by LA MUSCLE on 02.12.2014 09:55 am
The reason why a "cheat meal" can aid weight loss
Importance of sleep for weight control and muscle recovery
by LA MUSCLE on 07.04.2015 03:54 pm
By Nick Cameron
The benefits of stretching
by LA MUSCLE on 13.02.2015 04:17 pm
by Miss Motivator
Valentine's Night Sex Tips
by LA MUSCLE on 11.02.2015 09:01 pm
Here's how to have a great night
Running - It's Great
by LA MUSCLE on 05.01.2015 01:40 pm
British sprinter Tyrone Swaray talks about the many benefits of running
January - Detox time!
by LA MUSCLE on 30.12.2014 11:18 am
The best ways to reduce free radicals
Christmas without calories
by LA MUSCLE on 22.12.2014 02:08 pm
LA Muscle's in-house personal trainer Nick Cameron gives you helpful advice on how to enjoy Christmas whilst staying on track with your health goals
How I nearly died from over-working and what saved me...
by LA MUSCLE on 27.10.2014 11:34 am
A true story
Lose weight with CLA
by LA MUSCLE on 14.10.2014 11:58 am
How CLA can aid weight loss
7 quick remedies for common health problems
by LA MUSCLE on 09.10.2014 05:49 pm
Cure yourself at home, fast!
10 bad foods that are actually good for you
by LA MUSCLE on 29.09.2014 10:49 am
Surprising results on common foods you tend to avoid
Natural ways to relieve sinus congestion
by LA MUSCLE on 24.03.2014 10:35 am
Don't let sinus pain ruin your life and workouts!
10 new nutrition facts
by LA MUSCLE on 07.03.2014 03:21 pm
Stay healthy with these LA Muscle tips
10 ways to reduce your chances of having a stroke
by LA MUSCLE on 22.02.2014 08:30 am
More and more common, how can you reduce your chances of suffering a stroke?
10 VERY interesting nutrition facts
by LA MUSCLE on 29.01.2014 08:48 am
Check out these nutrition tips
You are alive TODAY! Here's how you can start exercising...
by LA MUSCLE on 04.09.2013 11:27 am
No more excuses, get going by reading this article
5 easy ways to know if you are allergic to certain foods
by LA MUSCLE on 18.06.2013 09:20 am
Quick at home analysis
5 foods with healthy fats
by LA MUSCLE on 02.06.2013 05:26 pm
Fats which are good for you


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