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Valentine's Night Sex Tips

Here's how to have a great night


For many people, Valentine’s night is an important time. Whether you have a new date or you have been in a relationship for a long time, you want to make sure your Valentine’s night is not a flop (pardon the pun!).

Here are some important sex tips in order to have a great Valentine’s night and give in a worthy performance.

  • Breakfast - Drink Coffee and eat whatever you fancy. Make sure along with your breakfast you pop 2-3 L-Arginine pills. Even better, go for a proper pump-up formula such as Vasculator which gets the blood vessels pumping more - especially good for your blood vessels down below.
  • Lunch Menu on the day - Eat whatever you want, ideally lean beef and make sure you also have a salad with the following ingredients in medium-high quantities:

Valentine's Night Sex Tips

Avocados, Walnuts, Figs, Pine nuts, Pumpkin seeds, 3 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil.

It is preferable to also have 2-3 more Vasculator pills with lunch

  • Try and get a hold of some Watermelon juice - drink 1-2 glasses at lunch and in the afternoon. If you can’t get hold of the juice, then the next best thing is the watermelon itself.
  • Dinner can be more lean beef or an aphrodisiac food such as oysters. A few more L-Arginine or Vasculator pills with dinner will ensure blood is still flowing to vital organs for the night ;)
  • Reduce Anxiety - The more you think about it, the more problematic a great sexual performance may become and the more anxious you may become. If you are the anxious type, try something like Bach Flower Rescue Remedy from your local health shop.
  • Do not masturbate on the day or the day before! Yes this can be difficult for some of you! ;)
  • Make sure you are happy with yourself and your body. Have a haircut if you need one, trim your body hairs, wash up. Be as physically confident as you can possibly be.
  • Wear some nice clothes that make you feel good on the night.
  • Take it easy. Don’t be too anxious. If you have a new date, remember that they are out with you because they like you, so you don’t have anything to prove or anything to be anxious about. If you are with a long term partner, make a special night of it. If you have just picked someone up, ignore this article!!! (Just kidding!).
  • If you REALLY need help on the night, then stock up on LA Muscle’s MAN or Male Boost pills ASAP. Pop 3-4 an hour before when they are required.
  • Remember, it’s not all about the performance. It is about relationships too and getting to know the person. Don't have a one track mind.
  • Don’t put too much emphasis on intercourse. Foreplay and other things also count as sex.
  • You can have the above dietary suggestions (breakfast, lunch, dinner) the day before Valentines as well as on Valentines day to be double sure of a good performance.

Good luck.




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