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Training in hot weather

How to stay in shape in hot weather


Stay in ShapeHeat can play havoc with your body. Whether it’s the temperature creeping up or you are travelling to a hot country in the summer, chances are that if you don’t take care of certain things, you are going to end up bloated and feeling fat. Don’t compromise your hard-earned six-pack! Read below how to stay in shape in the heat…


Make sure you plan for hot weather. You will have to compensate for certain things. Pay particular attention to:

  • Water intake – Make sure you drink lots of pure, fresh water, during the day.
  • Food – Ensure you don’t over-eat and try and keep fatty/heavy foods/carbs to a minimum. Salads, fruits and vegetables are best.
  • Salt – Don’t exclude this from your diet but make sure you are not consuming large amounts of salt as it can get you bloated.
  • Dairy – Try and avoid or reduce your intake of dairy products as they are one of the quickest ways to get boated.
  • Diuretics – If you are drinking a lot of caffeine drinks, tea or coffee, make sure they don’t dehydrate you.
  • Make sure you are not constipated. If you are, take some Diet Cleanse.


Aerobic activity and cardiovascular exercises are an excellent way of ensuring your body doesn’t balloon-up and look bloated and fat. Running or jogging can greatly help you to keep your body looking trim. Make sure you don’t exercise in extreme heat and take in lots of water. Swimming is also a great way of looking good and keeping your shape.

Stay cool

Have you ever noticed your rings getting tighter and tighter around your fingers or even worse, suddenly not coming off any more? What can possibly bloat your fingers so much, so fast? The answer is hot weather! Try and stay in air conditioned areas and away from the sun as much as
possible For many people, heat and the sun’s rays are triggers to get the body to literally “bloat up”.

Rest & shower!

Cold showers are a great way of reducing the puffiness that heat can produce. Resting and sleeping are also very helpful in getting the body
back to its original size!

In conclusion, the heat of the summer can and often does play havoc with your hard-earned six pack. Use the advice above to make sure you are one step ahead and looking as great as you did before you left for your beach holiday.



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