Natural ways to relieve sinus congestion

Don't let sinus pain ruin your life and workouts!


Any pain or problems with the body can be nasty! They make you feel less like yourself, stop you from enjoying life and even worse, stop you from working out!

Sinus problems can manifest themselves as headaches, runny nose, congestion, stuffiness, fevers and general ill health. Sinus problems can come as a result of colds, flu or allergies. If you are lucky, you can get them for a few days. For those less lucky, sinus issues can last weeks and sometimes years.

If you have been suffering with sinus problems, this article can help you. However you have to be serious about wanting to get well and need to be persistent and stick to the advice below until you are well enough to go back to your old routines.

  • Cut out all mucus producing foods. This means no wheat or dairy for a few weeks. No pasta or bread. Try the wheat/gluten free versions. No milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter. These foods are notorious for producing extra mucus. You want to try and dry out your sinuses by avoiding these. Give it 2-3 weeks for the effects to fully kick in.
  • Sinuses don’t like cold wind. Cover your sinuses with a scarf if you have to go out. Put the heating on in your car. Keep warm.

Natural sinus relief
  • Keep your nose area warm. Don’t put cold water on your face.
  • Control any allergies you may have. This can be to pets, feather pillows etc.
  • Try natural homeopathic allergy sprays like Nasal Ease.
  • Do a salt rinse, twice a day. Try the NeilMed Sinus rinse. It is really good for flushing your sinus cavities.
  • Use a nasal decongestant but only once or maximum twice a day and for a very short time (maximum 7 days). This is just to give you some quick relief. There are many out there. You have to see what works best for you.
  • Buy a good Echinacea tablet and start taking it for a few weeks. If your immune system is weak and not able to deal with your sinuses, this will help.
  • Pay attention to things which could be blocking up your nose. This could be pollution, your mattress, pillows, pets, flowers etc. Try and avoid them!
  • Air conditioned rooms are not good for sinuses. Try and switch the air con off.

  • Take hot showers instead of baths. Try and breathe the hot steam in for 20 minutes. A good idea is to take your decongestant spray 5 minutes before your shower to unblock your nose and then breathe in the shower steam.

  • Rub your sinuses. Rub above your eyebrows from the middle towards your ears, 6 times, down the side of your nose and then from the edge of your nostrils towards your ears. 6 times of each. Do this several times a day or whenever you feel pain in your head or sinus region.

  • Get some Plantago herb. You can buy it in drops and take it 3 times a day. It is very good for breaking mucus down.

  • Work on your Reflexology points of your feet and hands for sinuses. You can find a Reflexology chart by looking it up on Google images.
  • If you think your sinus problem may be related to allergies, take some anti-histamines.

  • Get a steam inhalation device and put in some Eucalyptus oil and breathe.
  • You can also try a Nebulizer for opening up your sinus passages and clearing them out. You can buy a Nebulizer from Amazon and put some saline solution in there and breathe for 20 minutes twice a day.
  • Do not blow your nose hard. In fact if you can help it, only blow it when it is absolutely necessary. The more you blow, the more sensitive your nose can become and the irritation causes further inflammation.
  • Drink lots of different liquids. In particular, drink fruit juice and water.
  • Take 1-5g of Vitamin C daily.
  • Humming is a great way to unblock the sinus cavities. You may look mad but you will have clear sinuses. Try it for 20 minutes a day.
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated to drain the sinuses.
  • Switch your radiators off as they dry the air and can wreak havoc with your sinuses. If you have to have them on, try a humidifier to counteract their air-drying effects.

Sinuses do take a while to clear. You need to be persistent and not have a set back. For example if you are feeling better, don’t go out cycling in the wind. Wait until you are 100% well and then slowly start doing more normal things. Good luck!





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