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10 foods to keep you healthy in 2016

Keep you and your loved ones healthy with these super-foods



A very important food for your immune system and sinuses. If you are ill, start eating them raw or in salads. Yeah, you will stink but hey… you will be healthy!


Yup, another stinky food that’s great for you! Garlic is nature’s antibiotic and fantastic for keeping colds away and keeping your immune system up. It is also great for circulation and fantastic for warding off vampires!

Apple cider vinegar

10x stronger than normal vinegar and useful for a ton of stuff including colds, skin disorders, immune system problems, sore throats, wounds and cuts and so much more.


Great for supplying you with good fats, fantastic brain food and wonderful for the little man down below.

Olive oil

The staple of the mediterranean diet is this amazing oil. Olive oil is wonderful for your heart, circulation, hair, nails and general well-being. Make sure you have 1-2 spoonfuls every day.


Do you ever wonder how the Japanese live so long and are so healthy? You say raw fish, we say Seaweed! Seaweed is a great anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti viral, full of vitamin C and calcium.


Nobody really knows what they do. People guess and come up with stuff but no one can put their finger on why mushrooms are good for you. The fact is that they are good for you. They have vitamins B and D but most importantly, they seem to be a bit of a miracle food when it comes to your nervous system. Mushrooms also boost your immune system and lower cholesterol.

Maca root

Full of vitamins and minerals and fantastic for the sexual organs. LA Muscle has been selling the purest maca in various supplements and 2016 is set to be the year when it hits the mainstream. You will be hearing a lot about maca this year.


Oatbran is not a fantastic food as such, however due to its nature and the way it is, it is a great food for filling you up and making sure you are not hungry. Oatbran is a great food to have in the morning to fill you up, not make you eat unnecessary calories that clog you up and to keep you light in the morning.


Really and truly, you should be having some lemon every day. It is a cleanser, immune system booster and all round health food. Whether you have it in your tea, salads or in water, make sure you have lemon as a daily must-have. You will feel much healthier.



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