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How to become part of life and not get drawn in by technology

Detach yourself from technology


Have you looked around lately? Here is a joke that demonstrates what our world has become:

A guy walks into Starbucks and orders a coffee. He takes it and goes and sits down at a table. He doesn’t look at his phone, he doesn’t text, he doesn’t look at his emails, he doesn’t have an iPad or a small laptop on the table. He just sits there drinking his coffee, like a weirdo.

Funny but so true! Everyone is busy being busy. Children don’t go out to play with their friends. They are on their iPads or playing games. People don’t go out socialising. They find their dates on the internet and bypass all past social norms for getting to know others. Your food gets delivered by supermarkets and for those ultra-busy (lazy) people, your cooked food now also gets delivered by a number of food delivery companies, sometimes within 20 minutes. Next, it is remote sex - and this is coming, be sure of that.

Isn’t it scary? This generation in particular is more detached than all previous generations. The so-called millennials will lack so many of the social skills their past generations used to have. Some say they won’t need it, the way calculators took over from having to do manual mathematics. This may be so, but it is still nice to go out and about and chat to people and be social. It is important to try and keep some of the past alive.

A good starting point is to stop yourself. Stop from using your phone for a few hours. Put it away. Force your children to put their iPads and games consoles away for a bit. They will get used to it. Train yourself to detach from technology a bit and enjoy life the way it was meant. Go outdoors.

Some say that the oestrogen in the water is affecting the “outdoor mentality” of many men. Who knows!

Try and detach and as a male, if you think your testosterone levels are low, increase them. Go out. Go to the gym. Socialise. Fail. Get rejected. Try again. Get out of your comfort zone, which for many people is the computer, their phone and not much else.

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