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Why supplements companies want to keep this hush-hush

A secret ingredient

By LA Muscle on 05.01.2019 11:36 am


The Secret hidden in the Himalayas

There is a plant called the Nepal Yam. It grows from Nepal to China at very high altitudes. It is rare and harvesting it is not easy due to the altitudes it grows at and the fact that it does not grow in abundance. A few pharmaceutical companies use this herb to manufacture progesterone and see it as a steroidal precursor. Supplements companies that may know about it, keep it hush-hush because they don’t have the R&D or budgets to manufacture such a rare and expensive ingredient. They rather you don’t hear about it.

Most other supplements companies haven’t even heard of this herb, let alone know how to manufacture it. Nepal Yam has been shown to increase Testosterone levels as well as body muscle mass. If you can get hold of it and take it 3 times a day, you will notice a dramatic increase in your Testosterone levels which convert to increased strength in the gym and in life, increased muscle mass and a leaner body.

Nepal Yam is also used by many people in Asia for energy and well-being. This is logical because Testosterone produces feelings of well-being, confidence and drastically increases motivation and energy.

A few years ago LA Muscle manufactured a number of batches of Nepal Yam, otherwise known as Dioscorea Deltoidea. The good news was that the batches were perfect and the supplement turned out to be incredibly powerful at boosting Testosterone and increasing muscle mass. The bad news was that it sold out within weeks and the next harvest was 1 year away, so it was impossible to manufacture more.

Secret Supplement few have heard of

If you want to try Nepal Yam, here’s your chance

LA Muscle has manufactured another batch of Nepal Yam AKA Dioscorea Deltoidea and it is ready at LA Muscle HQ for anyone that trains hard and wants to use a powerful supplement to increase Testosterone levels. Many of you may prefer the Norateen range, however if you have already used Norateen and want to use a “different” ingredient to further boost Testosterone or you want to double up, then LA Muscle’s Testosterone Booster II is the supplement to choose. Remember, different ingredients can work differently in boosting Testosterone levels, so it is a good idea to swap and change and not always use the same supplement. Your body needs to be tricked and kept on its toes if you really want to get much bigger and leaner.

Testosterone Booster II is full Pharma Grade and will not be around for ever and is manufactured strictly on a limited run. To be honest, Dioscorea Deltoidea is a pain to get hold of, is extremely expensive, available only for a short time and not easy to manufacture and stabilise. This is why you don’t see other companies using it in their supplements. If you see it in stock on this website, don't delay! Go for it before it sells out.



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