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Diet Whey has more protein than 6 eggs

LA Muscle's Diet Whey protein shake contains more protein, less fat and less calories than in 6 eggs. All this, as well as the clinically proven weight loss ingredient Glucomannan.

By LA Muscle on 13.08.2015 04:14 pm


Diet Whey protein is a unique product designed to maximise fat loss whilst preserving and building lean muscle mass during a weight loss programme. The inclusion of Glucomannan (also found in Thermoxen), which is clinically proven to aid weight loss in several research papers, make this truly innovative diet protein shake, one of a kind.

More Protein

That's right, one serving of Diet Whey contains more protein than 6 whole eggs! Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue that gets damaged when exercising and training. Whether you lift weights in the gym, you're a runner, cycler, or take long walks to lose unwanted body fat, a high protein intake is going to be an essential dietary factor.

Preserving and building muscle is important as those with higher muscle mass, will burn and utilise fat for energy much more efficiently than those with a lower muscle mass. When trying to lose weight it is ver important to recognising the difference between losing weight and losing fat, after all, you don't want to lose weight in muscle! 1-2 Diet Whey protein shakes per day will prevent any muscle wastage during your weight, or should we say, FAT LOSS programme.

Less Fat

What is more, Diet Whey protein shakes are extremely low in fat, with just 4.1g per serving! For comparison, 6 eggs contain a whopping 24g of fat (or the same as just 1 single egg), so it's clear which option you should be reaching for to achieve your fat loss goals. Omelette versus Diet Whey shake... Diet Whey shake wins once again!

Less Calories

And finally, it's just basic science that when trying to lose weight, calories in must be less than calories out i.e. you must eat less calories than you burn or use each day. Therefore keeping a close eye on your calorie consumption is going to be important in your quest for weight loss, and once again, LA Muscle's Diet Whey protein comes up trumps. With just 201kcal per diet protein shake compared to 378kcal in 6 eggs, there's one clear winner, and you don't need us to spell it out for you...


LA Muscle's Diet Whey really is a fantastic supplement to help you toward achieving your fat loss goals, and it's an added bonus that the two available flavours are absolutely delicious AND 100% natural; the Strawberry & Raspberry flavour even contains real fruit pieces!

Click here to buy Diet Whey today and take the next step to smashing your fat loss goals.

Diet Whey Comparison with Eggs


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