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Can protein make you gay?

Find out if certain proteins can make you gay right here...

By LA Muscle on 23.09.2015 04:13 pm


LA Muscle's various teams often get a whole host of questions. This very surprising and strange question has been asked of the LA Muscle customer services team several times recently. Maybe, it is worth investigating it…. a little bit!

As you know, Testosterone is the male hormone and found in abundance in those early growing years. Testosterone is the master hormone that develops the male characteristics such as confidence, fearlessness, the physique and muscles.

Oestrogen on the other hand is the female hormone and the nemesis to Testosterone. Oestrogen promotes female characteristics such as breasts and femininity.

If you were to consume a protein that promoted the production of Testosterone, then you are much more likely to have masculine elements being prominent in your body. In other words, you would have a more muscular physique, you would be more confident and you would be leaner.

Proteins which promote Testosterone are essentially pure whey proteins, made up of 100% whey. Even better, you could look at protein powders which specifically increase Testosterone levels such as LA Whey Extreme, a protein which contains Testosterone boosters.

On the other side of the coin, if you were to up your protein intake with a protein that promotes the feminine hormone Oestrogen, then you are looking at reducing your masculinity and increasing femininity. A protein powder which is made mostly or all of soya, taken in excess, can start contributing to the production of Oestrogen and can increase femininity and decrease masculinity. In other words you can start losing your hardness, develop breasts, store more fat and not be as strong or muscular as before.

Whether your protein has more Testosterone boosters or Oestrogen promoters of course has nothing to do with your sexual orientation! That comes from genes or lifestyle choices or a thousand other reasons. Having more Testosterone does not make you more straight and having more Oestrogen does not make you more gay! What a Testosterone boosting protein can do is to make you more sexual for sure - whatever your sexual orientation.

The same goes for an Oestrogen promoting protein. Whether you are gay or straight, an Oestrogen promoting protein can make you less sexual and more passive. So, no, protein cannot make you gay! But it sure can have an effect on your current orientation in terms of upping or downing the intensity of things.

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