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Norateen: What the haters say

Why Norateen destroys the "haters"

By LA Muscle on 04.02.2019 12:08 pm


The Norateen muscle building formulas have been around LONGER than ANY other testosterone muscle building range. Think about that! Their formulas, strength and results have stood the test of over 2 decades. Yet sometimes, LA Muscle comes across some trolls on the internet or in forums that voice unfounded and incorrect opinions. In this day and age, they are called haters.

In this article, LA Muscle will call out the haters and answer some of the so-called “reasons” why they do not approve of Norateen.

Haters say: It is expensive

Yes Norateen is expensive. You get what you pay for. Norateen contains expensive rare herbs at full potency and at Pharmaceutical Grade. This all costs money. Some haters say that you can get the same ingredients cheaper and the truth is, you can but they are not the same in “efficacy” or the physiological changes they trigger in your body.

Do you know that you can get a herb at 40% purity or 99% purity? Which do you think is in Norateen? Unless you work at the so-called cheaper competitors and their factories and you also work at LA Muscle labs, you will not know the difference. Therefore the haters who say one is the same as the other are not correct in their assertions.
All Norateen capsules ALWAYS contain the highest grade of all ingredients. That is a pre-requisite. Very few manufacturers of supplements stick to this principle. Most go for the cheapest.
A bike is a bike, right? Wrong! A bike can be steel or titanium or carbon fibre. Looks the same but looks are only on the outside.

Haters say: The ingredients are low dosage

Arm-chair critics of Norateen should definitely stick to sitting back in their armchairs and watching TV! Anyone that thinks more is better when it comes to supplements has no idea what they are talking about.
In the supplements game, more is 100% not better for so many reasons! 4000IU of Vitamin D can give you energy. 6000IU can make you ill. Is more better? When there is the right time to put more of something, then that’s where LA Muscle does not hold back. However your body is delicate and the balance of thousands of chemicals running through it is delicate too. This is where science comes in and why every Norateen formula is carefully researched and tested to ensure it delivers results.

Delivery of results in the gym is not about hitting your body with the maximum of everything. Delivery of the right results is working WITH your body and not against it. If you put maximum dosage of testosterone boosters in a formula, your body would grow at first but then it would shut down and all growth would stop AND you would lose all your gains after taking that maximum dosage formula. Hence why LA Muscle says armchair haters should 100% remain quiet on their “opinions” of what dosage should be inside a formula or what works and what doesn’t.

The Norateen formulas have been best sellers since 1998 because they deliver the RIGHT results. They start slow, they work in tandem and they synergistically GROW you from the inside without side effects and without risking loss of muscle following stoppage.

Some people for example criticise the amount of Beta Ecdysterone (BEC) in some Norateen formulas, saying competitors put at least 3 times more in theirs and that theirs is cheaper! That sounds like a great argument against Norateen at first sight. However, LA Muscle is one of the pioneers BEC and uses the same quality and same quantity of BEC as used in actual scientific studies. The same quantity that is deemed safe and effective over a long period. Putting more is just a fool’s game and if you listen to people who don’t know what they are talking about you would at best get no long term results or lose all your gains or at worst, harm your body’s own hormonal production long term.

Haters say: It doesn’t work

There is nothing worse than someone that gives their opinion on something they have no experience of. Would you listen to your friend’s opinion of Venice without even having gone there? So many people say Venice “stinks” and when you ask them if they have been, they say no!!!! Norateen has been the longest surviving Testosterone muscle builder in the world and sells in over 100 countries around the world. It is also a product that comes with a 100% no questions money back guarantee.

How can a product that supposedly doesn’t work last for over 2 decades, grow in sales, grow in range and have millions of repeat customers if it didn’t work? Think about that carefully. Please don’t be the person that listens to the guy that says Venice stinks! Why do millions of people visit Venice then??? Experience things for yourself before making a judgement especially if there is no risk to you, as in the case of Norateen. You will only get the benefits of growth in strength, muscles and becoming leaner with Norateen. You get no side effects and if at the end of using a bottle you are not happy, you will get your money back. Now, that is a rare proposition in today’s world.

Haters say: It is a steroid

A steroid is a substance introduced in its final form into your body to make it grow. It bypasses your own body’s monitoring and safety systems and can be dangerous at worst and at best can make you lose your gains if stopped. You will grow on steroids, you may get side effects and you will 100% not keep your gains when you come off steroids. Never mind that steroids are also prescription only and the majority on sale are not real.

The Norateen range contains NATURAL ingredients that have a similar action to steroids but at the precursor primary level and work with your body to help it grow. They are your body’s partner in helping you get stronger and more muscular. They are not like steroids which act like a detached army with no commander, roaming around your body without any care for your organs.

Anyone that says Norateen is a steroid is misinformed and should read more on the subject of steroids. The Norateen range of natural testosterone boosters have been giving safe and effective results to millions of people since 1998.

Haters say: There is better stuff out there

In the time that Norateen has been around, there have been THOUSANDS of other supplements that have come and gone. In that time LA Muscle has witnessed lots of these so-called “better stuff” come and go. Name ONE testo-boosting supplement that has stayed around for over 2 decades. You will NOT find one!!! This is a challenge to you if you have spare time and can be bothered!!! Why is that? Because the other so-called “better stuff” was not better after all! They were just a new fad with new marketing or some guy promoting it. The guy is probably no longer bodybuilding and the “better stuff” has long gone.

In order to build a world-class supplement that stands the test of time and gives results to millions over many decades you need to have spent millions developing and securing the effectiveness of that formula. This is what LA Muscle has done with the Norateen range. No other supplements company has dared to pour so much money into R&D of a single range. The results have proven that the Norateen range is in fact the “best stuff” out there. Statistics and the test of time prove this.

You see, it is easy to criticise and "hate". You want the best body you can get. You shouldn't be concerned with people's ignorance. You need to experience things for yourself and make your own judgement. This is where LA Muscle makes life super easy for you by offering a 100% money back guarantee on the ENTIRE Norateen range which includes the best-seller Norateen Heavyweight II and the limited edition Norateen Gold. Don't hate. LOVE!





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