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How This Man BLEW UP And Won BIG

At The World Natural Bodybuilding Championships

By LA Muscle on 15.10.2018 11:24 am


One of the first users of Norateen was Ben Agboke, back in 1998. He was competing in local competitions and had great potential. It was crazy how how got HUGE on Norateen within months! In fact to this day people say he was not natural and that he was taking other stuff. BS! He was not! He just had great genetics, later-like focus and was very determined and driven.

Ben Agboke or The Black Diamond as he later became known as was on FIRE! With the help of Norateen he was unstoppable. He swept up all the local contests and went on to win the Mr UK. That wasn’t enough, he set his sights on the Europeans. Got there in Holland and blew them away on stage. Norateen 1, all the others 0.

The first Norateen Heavyweight came out just in time for the world championships. 2 months on that and The Black Diamond BLEW UP! He was bigger, leaner, stronger and looked even more UNNATURAL! Never mind. Who cares what the haters think when you are winning, right?

Ben The Black Diamond went on to become world natural bodybuilding champion. Kudos to you Preacher. Oh yeah, he went on to become a preacher. Preach preacher! We want to hear your story of how you went from being just another guy with a nice body to world bodybuilding champion. Norateen has come a long way since then and helped millions build unnatural bodies. Nothing unnatural about that. Live Strong Brothers!



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