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The World's Scariest Man Is Fighting 'The Iranian Hulk'

Martyn Ford Will Be Making His MMA Debut

By LA Muscle on 22.11.2018 04:16 pm


As big fights come they don’t get any bigger than this one, literally, as the man dubbed the “World’s Scariest Man” will fight the man dubbed “The Iranian Hulk”. People will be familiar with Martyn Ford as the 6”8 22st bodybuilder is well-known for his movie roles and is a fitness model sensation with a large online following.

For the last few months he has been preparing for his MMA debut with his opponent recently being announced as the man mountain Sajad Gharibi, who is also a seasoned bodybuilder with a fighting background as a wrestler. Sajad may be shorter than Martyn but is no slouch at 6”1 and possesses a weight advantage topping the scales at 28 stone!

Martyn Ford once aspired to be a professional cricket player but after a serious injury robbed him of that dream he developed a passion for bodybuilding to redirect his energy. As he grew in size and stature he earned roles in action movies, usually depicted as a bad guy due to the sheer intimidation and fear that his image has earned him.

The tattoo-covered giant has been regularly posting updates for his fans on social media and he’s looking very well prepared as he showcases his raw power and explosiveness. If the videos are anything to go by then fight fans are in for treat.

His opponent, Sajad Gharibi, has also earned himself a fearsome reputation and has an active social media presence with an army of followers. His background as a wrestler is what has earned him the unlikeliest of fights and provided the opportunity for Martyn to have a real fight on his hands with an opponent able to match him in size and strength.

The height of Martyn Ford will definitely play an advantage with his reach being significantly better than his opponent’s but Sajad’s wrestling background and weight advantage will favour him in any ground-based fighting. Definitely an interesting match to call but one thing is for sure, this truly is the “Clash of the Titans” and is set for an epic showdown in early 2019!



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