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Bodybuilding Legend Ronnie Coleman Is Training Again!

8-Time Mr Olympia Is Back In The Gym

By LA Muscle on 25.01.2019 02:35 pm


Just a few months ago, the fitness world was shocked by the news that bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman may never fully recover and walk again from his recent numerous surgeries. Not only is 8-time Mr Olympia Ronnie walking again, but he’s back in the gym and training hard once more, albeit minus the extremely weights he used to use.

Ronnie gained his reputation with gruesome workouts where he battered his body and moulded it into the physique that he became known for as he dominated the bodybuilding stage. After decades of those types of workouts they took their toll on his body and it gave out.

He had previously rushed his recovery from these operations so that he could get back to business pounding the weights, however those actions had caused complications which resulted in his doctors giving him the bad news that he may be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Under strict orders from his doctors to stay off the weights, Ronnie tells his online following of fans all around the world that they shouldn’t worry about him and that he won’t be doing anything too strenuous as he focuses on getting back to full fitness with a focus on his general health and wellbeing above all else.

He might not be heading back into the epic workouts he has become known for but everyone is at least happy to know that one of the kings of the bodybuilding world is on his way towards a full recovery and able to return to his life with his family, friends and fans.



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