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Shahid Kapoor's SECRET workout revealed!

Check out Bollywood heart-throb Shahid Kapoor's ultimate gym tips

By LA Muscle on 23.04.2016 09:00 am


Shahid Kapoor is one of Bollywood's hottest assets with a ripped "star body" to match. In the blockbuster Kaminey, he shocked the audiences with his amazing body transformation. It seemed that he quite literally "beefed up" overnight. This is possible with the right supplements, diet and training.

Here is what his personal trainer Abbas Ali, Winner of the Men's Health Best Personal Trainer in India had to say: "A well-developed chest like Shahid Kapoor's will look presentable only if it is proportional in size. Also, an imbalance in muscle development can lead to injuries. Perform three-five sets of 10-20 reps. Look to change this routine in about four-six weeks."

Below are some of the exercises he used to get big and buff:

  • Regular push-ups - You can do these at home and vary it by going incline and decline too. Do as many as you can perform with good form, then leave it for 2-3 days and come back and do a few more than the last time.
  • Wide-grip push-ups - For growing your outer chest. Again you can do incline and decline versions of this.
  • Narrow-grip push-ups - For developing your inner pecs. You can go incline and decline on these too. A combination of the 3 push-ups mentioned here and varying decline and inclined versions will mean you develop a fully rounded set of pecs with impressive depth and proportion.
  • Reverse-grip push-ups - Hitting the chest from all angles.
  • Parallel bar dips - You can do this by finding 2 solid chairs and dipping in the middle. Make sure they are steady so you don't topple over!
  • Bench Press - A great chest exercise, performed in the gym.
  • Sit ups and crunches - Once you have got your body fat levels down, doing these ab exercises will mean you have an impressive six pack.

You can pretty much do most of the above at home, though you will obviously always get bigger if you were training in a gym.

Shahid Kapoor



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