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Leg workout from hell

By Nick Wolanski, Junior Mr Scotland

By LA Muscle on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


I was prompted to write this article after having the most insane and sickening leg work out of my life. I thought I would share it with you guys so you may try it out for yourself. My advice is to keep a sick bag close at hand at all times!!

This workout is incredibly intense and should only be undertaken by those with a strong desire to succeed; those of you who simply give up when the going gets tough should go and read one of the workouts from men's fitness! For the hardcore guys out there let's get stuck in and squat till we puke!


I began my workout with 5 sets of squats. Performed with proper form and going all the way down these hit the quads, glutes and hamstrings.

I complete two warm up sets with 40kg and 60 kg before grinding out 3 working sets with 80, 100 and 120 kg. I always keep my reps between 10 and 15 as I feel it creates a greater pump.


This is where the workout goes from hard to hardcore and insanity takes over. I decided to superset leg presses with leg extensions; however the sets on the leg presses were quite simply crazy!

The first set starts with 100kg and a total of 15 reps, however on completion of your 15th rep your partner instantly loads on another 50 kg and you then crank out another 10 or 15 reps. As soon as this is done you perform a set of leg extensions and your first set is over.

Superset number 2:

Same as before however this time I begun my presses with 150kg, I cranked out 15 reps and was happy until my partner instantly loaded on another 50 kg upping the weight to 200kg, Thinking to myself "how the fuck am I going to get another 15 reps" I begun pressing. When I finally hit my 15th rep my legs are aching like never before and im so dizzy I feel like puking. I then realise I have a set of leg extensions to complete before I get my rest. Somehow I grind out 15 reps, take a drink of water and fall to the floor in sheer agony. I only pick myself up to scream words of encouragement to my partner who is carrying out his leg presses as I rest.

Superset number 3:

Onto the final superset we go, by now your legs should be pumped beyond belief and you will be asking yourself one question:

"Why the fuck am I doing this" No time to ponder your own insanity as you start again!

This time I begin with 200 kg on the presses, 10 reps later and almost at total muscle failure I almost begin to cry as my partner loads on another 20 kg for my final leg presses. I grit my teeth and begin cranking out my last set. My screams can by heard throughout the entire gym and people stare at us like were sick in the head or something! I manage 17 reps before my legs tell me to go fuck myself. Exhausted and disorientated I carry myself to my final set of leg extensions where I stupidly carry out a drop set going from 15 plates to ten plates.


To finish off this hellish workout we performed lunges up and down a 200 yard track with 15 kg dumbbells in each hand. I managed 3 sets of this before my glutes and quads simply stopped functioning.

Happy days as im at the end of the hardest leg workout of my life!

Well nearly…. All that's left is to superset calves with abs and im done!

Well there's the workout for you to try out if you so wish. Obviously stronger bodybuilders will adjust the weight on the presses to suit and likewise for weaker athletes. I hope you feel as pumped and pleased with yourselves at the end of this workout as I did.

Nick Wolanski
Junior Mr Scotland



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