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Norateen Heavyweight II and Complete Gains

by Jamie Forman

By LA Muscle on 05.02.2016 03:06 pm


Norateen Heavyweight II and Complete Gains by Jamie Forman

As I have heard so many great things about Norateen Heavyweight II I decided to try for myself, and also thought it would be a great opportunity to tell the rest of the LA Muscle fans my findings.

I decided that I would get on the scales before my very first tablet and would then check my weight at the exact same time, using the same scales half way through the course and then the same time and scales at the end of the course, my findings have been very eye opening and also confirm that any pound spent on Norateen Heavyweight II is worth it.

Now before I go into detail I was also taking LA Complete alongside the Norateen Heavyweight II.

The starting weight was 91.5kg, so this gave me a starting point and then the first tablet was taken.

I never forgot to take a tablet and always continued with my training routines which at the moment is focused around putting some size on, I never want to lose my definition and the lean physique though, this is one of the reasons I believed Norateen Heavyweight II would be a great choice and I wasn’t wrong in my assumptions.

Half way through the course, a very surprising result, 95kg, my body had responded so well to the combination of Complete and Norateen Heavyweight II tablets, I wanted to show everybody, and as a result members of the gym were already asking more about Norateen so I am happy to say I really have raised awareness in and amongst the guys at Definitions Health and Fitness Gym.

The last day of the course and was happy to say that I put on some more weight, I had already ran out of complete by this stage but what a result, exactly 5kg of muscle put on, now keep in mind that this is no magic pill, I kept to my eating plan and kept my training to a quality level, supplements will only help if you put the hard work in, and after the work I put in it definitely worked for me.

Hopefully you can see that the muscle put on during my Norateen Heavyweight II course was lean muscle, and like any bulking phase I may have lost a very slight bit of definition, but that is where the next phase will be aimed at getting that perfect Beach Body look for the summer months which lay ahead of us where I will be using Six Pack Pill Extreme along with Diet Whey.

If you would like to know more about the training routines or my diet plan I followed with the Complete Protein and Norateen Heavyweight 2 then follow me on Instagram @jlforman_personal_fitness. Or on Facebook JLForman Personal Fitness page.

Or maybe would like to know what my training, diet and supplement plans will be for the coming months. With the right guidance anything can be achieved.

Stay Hungry!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Forman



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