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Get Fit & Strong With Just A Kettlebell

Try This Full-Body Workout

By LA Muscle on 27.04.2018 10:44 am


Kettlebell training is more popular than ever and for good reason, it's one of the best workouts you can do that will both build muscle and aid fat loss at the same time. It's also great at helping to implement more functional movements into exercise and over time can help people to become more athletic and have less injuries. The beauty of the kettlebell workout is that the exercises are so varied and it never gets any easier. Simply increase the weight and you'll continue to be challenged and burn a ton of calories as well as increase your strength and power.

Try these fantastic kettlebell exercises to change up your training and challenge your body with new functional exercises to torch more body fat and build more lean muscle.


All types of squats are extremely beneficial regardless of the equipment used to perform them, however the goblet squat is slightly different. The weight is more concentrated closer to the middle of your body putting more pressure on your core, hips and posture, which is more beneficial for mobility purposes. A lot of people also find this to be a great exercise in addition to regular barbell squats as it helps them to improve their technique and go lower into the required positions.


AKA the kettlebell swing, this is a fantastic exercise which is regularly incorporated into circuit training and for good reason too. This should be one of the first kettlebell exercises you try to master because if stick with it and do it regularly enough you’ll gain muscle endurance, solid glutes, more flexible hips and an incredible core. If you sit at a desk all day it will also help improve your posture. This exercise is a must for anyone looking to burn fat and build muscle.


Overhead presses are key to developing strong and powerful shoulders and should already be a part of your weight training. The kettlebell press is a slightly different variation on this as since the weight is distributed differently to a barbell it increases stability in the rotator cuff and can help reduce and even remove instabilities in your shoulders. It will help build strong resilient shoulders and a powerful upper body.


The kettlebell clean is excellent for developing explosive hip power and core strength. If already doing this exercise with dumbbells we absolutely recommend using this as a warm up exercise on upper body days as it is a great exercise for mobility and a full-body functional movement. Kettlebell cleans are regularly performed as part of training plans to develop explosiveness and power and are extremely effective.


It may sound like an outfit but this exercise is already very popular and getting more fans as time goes on due to it's extremely functional nature. Benefits of this exercise include improved shoulder stability, core strength, mobility and leg power. If these are done frequently they will also help increase overall strength. Trainers recommend this exercise to people of all levels due to it's usefulness and demand it places on every muscle group. Once you think you've mastered it, simply increase the weight or you can even progress it to a kettlebell in each hand, which will place even more of a demand on your body.


We should all be familiar with Russian twists as they are popularly incorporated into abdominal workouts. It can be performed with many different types of equipment such as dumbbells, weight plates and medicine balls but is also just as effectively done with a kettlebell. Whilst it might not offer a significant advantage over the others, it's still an extremely effective abdominal exercise and will solidly work all of your core.

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