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By LA Muscle on 06.04.2018 04:57 pm


Most gym-goers have under developed rear deltoids. This could be because they’re performing a lot of push exercises. For instance their general shoulder routine is shoulder press, front raises and side raises (push movements). Many skip training rear delts or they simply don’t know there’s a muscle there and believe training back is enough. When training chest (push movement) a lot of deltoids are involved, especially when performing incline chest presses.

By not training rear deltoids a lot of imbalances are created where one side is stronger than the other and posture issues can develop to the point where you would look like you have a hunchback. Nobody wants that!

Below are exercises you can do to isolate the rear deltoids and train them as much as you do with side and front deltoids. You can perform these after dumbbell or barbell shoulder presses.

  • Bent-Over Dumbbell Raises – position yourself in a bent-over position and place your head on top of a bench. Holding dumbbells raise your arms to the point where you can feel your shoulder blades pinch and the rear deltoids activate.

  • Face Pulls – Position yourself standing straight and use the rope on the cable machine. Pull the rope up towards your forehead until you feel your shoulder blades pinch. Release slowly back to starting position.

  • Reverse Peck Deck – On the peck deck machine, sit the opposite way on the machine with your chest against the back rest and perform a reverse fly exercise.

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