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How To Build Bigger Biceps

Grow Bigger Peaks

By LA Muscle on 02.07.2018 04:48 pm


The recipe to building big biceps is all about mind muscle control. You control the bicep. The load doesn't control you, it just acts as resistance.

Focus on the concentric (shortening), eccentric (lengthening) and isometric (holding the movement). For the muscle to grow time under tension is vital. Think about how much time under tension your bicep is under in 1 rep of 30 seconds in comparison to 8 reps 3 seconds. To give yourself a basic thumb rule apply the 4-2-4 principle. 4 second concentric, 2 second hold and 4 seconds eccentric. You should never really work to a rep range unless you're building up to hit a working set. Each set is until failure and you should always use a super-set at the end of each exercise to really get that pump on.

Each bicep routine differs but it's good to have a few favourite exercises which you can incorporate into the majority.

1. Incline inner dumbbell curls

This exercise really stretches the long head of the bicep. As you use your bicep to bring the dumbbell up, take care not to over extend at the top and take the tension off the bicep. Once the bicep is full, hold then slowly lower back to your origin. Really focus on the squeeze slowly turning your palms up as you bring the dumbbell up too.

2. Ez-barbell preacher curl

Again remember it's all about time under tension. If you are fatigued or struggling on the concentric part of the movement try being a bit more explosive with more emphasis on the negative part of the movement (lowering) and the hold at the bottom.

3. Isometric dumbbell curls

This exercise is a real burner. For this you will need to take turns for each arm. For example, starting with the right, hold the left arm around 55 degrees out in front of you. You will need to hold this isometric movement while curling the opposite (right) dumbbell. Curl until failure, once you've hit failure do the exact same for the opposite arm.

4. Hammer curls

Another staple bicep exercise which really adds thickness is the hammer curl. With this exercise you can find it useful to envisage trying to burst a grape placed on the peak and the forearm. This really gets you to concentrate on the squeeze and really feel an intense burn.



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