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3 Move Superset For More Developed Arms

Get Visibly Defined Muscle

By LA Muscle on 04.12.2019 04:29 pm


When trying to achieve good muscular development on the arms its important to do a variety of different exercises that give your arms a more well-rounded look. Too many people spend long periods of time focusing on their biceps or triceps. Whilst they are important, the best way to achieve the look that they’re after is to incorporate different exercises that hit the arms at different angles to encourage even the minor muscles into growing and leave the arms looking more visibly defined.

You will be doing each of the following exercises one after the next with a short rest period at the end of the 3rd exercise for a max of two minutes. You will do 4 sets of each exercise and exercises 1 and 3 have 10 reps each, whilst exercise 2 has just 6 reps per set as it has 3 movements per rep.


Triceps take up most of your upper arms and well-developed triceps will make your arms look bigger than ever. You should be looking to train them twice a week to see good development.

Stand facing a cable machine and grab the 2 cables. Hinge forward at the waist until your torso is parallel to the floor. From here, straighten your arms, flexing and squeezing your triceps; return to the start.


Hitting your shoulders from multiple angles is the key to improving the way they look and well-defined shoulders will make your entire arm (as well as physique) look better overall.

Stand holding light dumbbells at your sides. Raise them out to your sides, then lower. Raise them out to your sides at 45 degree angles, then lower. Raise them out in front of you, then lower. That’s 1 rep; do 6 reps for each set.


This exercise is about actively squeezing your biceps at the top of every rep and working on the mind-muscle connection. Time under tension is what helps stimulate muscle growth here and this curl variation helps force the muscles into growing.

Get two dumbbells and hold them at your sides in a regular hammer position. Keeping your elbows at your sides raise your arms until the dumbbells are slightly above 90 degrees. Hold it for a second and lower them back to starting position in 3 seconds counting down from 3 to 1.



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