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Try This Rowing Machine Finisher

Burn More Calories Faster

By LA Muscle on 23.09.2019 01:35 pm


As we’ve mentioned many times before, if you’re strapped for time, there’s nothing better than the rowing machine for cardio. It’s a full-body workout using every muscle group in the body and will help you strip fat and burn calories fast.

This rowing machine finisher a HIIT-focused exercise that requires intensity. It can also be done as a stand alone workout when combined with another exercise or two but this one is just the rowing part.

- Row at a slow and steady pace for up to 3 minutes.

- After the 3 minutes you will be working for 5-7 rounds which last for 30-40 seconds each.

- After the 3 minutes, at the start of every minute you will start to row as quickly and strongly as you can manage with good form for 30-40 seconds. This is 100% effort.

- After 30-40 seconds you will rest for the remainder of the minute (20-30 seconds) and then will go again at the start of the next minute.

- You will keep doing this for 5-7 rounds depending on how many of them you can do.

If these times seem too intense for you, if you’re new to this or your fitness isn’t at a good level yet, then row at 70% effort or above for 60 seconds and then rest for 60 seconds and repeat for 5-7 rounds. After doing that for a few weeks or until your stamina builds up you can then attempt the first one.



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