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This Tip Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

Research Suggests Its Effective

By LA Muscle on 17.09.2019 04:34 pm


If you’re someone who likes to train in the morning then there appears to be some research that suggests it is highly beneficial to forego your first meal of the day until after your workout. The positives of fasted exercise are sung from the rooftops by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike and for good reason it seems.

New research from Bath University is backing the benefits of skipping breakfast, with their findings identifying that fasted exercise could reduce the amount people eat during the day. The study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, recruited 12 healthy and active young men to three separate tests over the course of a week. On the first day, the men ate a 430kcal bowl of porridge and rested.

On the second day, the subjects ate the same meal before exercising on a stationary bike for 60 minutes. For the third and final test, the men skipped breakfast and hit the bike once again and didn't eat until around midday.

Remaining at the lab, the men were offered as much or as little food for lunch as they desired, while researchers also monitored their food intake and calorie total after they left. The outcome yielded scientists at the University of Bath some interesting findings. On the rest day, the subjects over-ate by 490kcal and, on the second day, burned almost exactly the same amount of calories as they ate at breakfast.

On the third day, however, during the fasted trial, the subjects ate a large lunch, but slowed down afterward, meaning that they finished the day in a 400kcal deficit after eating less throughout the day. The calorie deficit yielded excellent weight loss benefits.

Whether you prefer to train in the morning or later on in the day, the findings have shown to be very beneficial to those who put their faith and effort in foregoing breakfast in pursuit of their weight loss goals.



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