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The Reasons Why You Gain Weight Back After A Diet

And How To Stop It

By LA Muscle on 07.03.2019 05:12 pm


Dieting, for most people, can be a difficult time as they fight against many factors all in the hope of reaching a certain goal. The last thing you want at the end of your diet is to pile all the weight back on after having worked hard to get rid of it. There are several different causes for this and if you’re not careful to avoid these mistakes then you too could let your hard work go to waste and end up right back where you started.


What’s main difference between looking lean and looking skinny? Muscle mass of course! Too little lean muscle and at the end of your diet you’ll end up looking too slim with not a not of lean muscle. During a diet, cardio will be your main exercise method to burn fat but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your weight training. Keeping your muscles stimulated along with providing them with the required amount of protein will ensure that your diet leaves you looking leaner AND muscular. If this isn’t done correctly then you’ll have to overeat after the diet to gain the weight back which will cause excess body fat.


After spending time on a diet it’s very common and expected that you’d want a break from worrying about what you eat. Coming off your diet doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and eat everything. Eat whatever you fancy but keep a rough idea of your daily consumption and scale it back if you start to notice yourself putting on excess unwanted weight. Being sensible and keeping your diet at least 70% clean should keep it at a healthy balance.


Sleep deprivation tends to cause all kinds of health issues with one of the most popular being, you guessed it; weight gain. A reduced amount of sleep increases the hunger hormones in your body and can tend to be a cause of excess food consumption, usually through snacking. Get a sufficient amount of sleep each night and also try not to get too stressed and you should find it easier to stay lean and clear minded.


The time of day you eat, along with your hormone levels, play a vital role in your weight loss goals. Eating large amounts of food too late in the day will not give your body enough time to digest it and use up some of the calories for it, which can result in weight gain. Time your meals and your schedule correctly to allow yourself to have all of your meals at good times spaced out throughout the day leaving a good few hours after your last meal before you sleep.


Starting your day off strong is very important and this should start with breakfast. Your first meal of the day is vital to keep your metabolism revving and should not be missed under any circumstances. Whether it’s at 5am or 11am, there should always be time for breakfast. People following a diet such as intermittent fasting (IF) can still get breakfast squeezed in during the later part of the morning. Skipping meals is also a leading cause of excess snacking and overeating later in the day!



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