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HIIT Workout For Maximum Fat Burning!

As used by the stunning Sofia Shamimi

By LA Muscle on 22.01.2018 05:30 pm


Sometimes it can be really difficult to stay motivated especially when you have so much going on just like fitness expert and LA Muscle TV star Sofia Shamimi. However this does not stop Sofia as she always finds time to ensure her fitness is on par.

Her trick is to stay and keep motivated through surrounding herself and watching those who are driven in fitness and those that inspire her. She has this message for everyone;

"The way you look reflects you. Staying healthy and exercising demonstrates that you like to take care of yourself and be the best you can at all times. Believe you can do it and you will, simple ".

A 30 minute exercise workout a day is nothing to the 24 hours you have, so just get it done and here is how Sofia does hers! Follow this to the 'T' for the best results and see that fat melt away through the sheer intense calorie burning which takes place during the workout.


  • Plyometric jumping squats (TRX) - 3 x 16 reps
  • Bodyweight jumping lunges - 3 x 16 reps
  • Burpees - 3 x 10 reps


  • Press ups (legs straight/bent) - 3 x 12 reps
  • Back pulls (TRX) - 3 x 16 reps
  • Barbell shoulder raises - 3 x 16 reps


  • Kettle bell swings - 3 x 16 reps
  • Kettle bell squats - 3 x 16 reps
  • Kettle bell dead lifts - 3 x 16 reps

Stair Meister - 250 calories burnt (or any other piece of cardio equipment at an incline)

There you have it, short and sweet but super effective. The question is do you have it what have it takes?

Make sure to catch Sofia only on LA Muscle TV

LA Muscle TV Star Sofia Shamimi

LA Muscle TV Star Sofia Shamimi

LA Muscle TV Star Sofia Shamimi

LA Muscle TV Star Sofia Shamimi

LA Muscle TV Star Sofia Shamimi

LA Muscle TV Star Sofia Shamimi



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