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Q & A on fast fat loss

Honest questions and answers session on fat-loss with Doc Yo.

By LA Muscle on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


Q & A on fat-loss with Doc Yo

1. In one word, what's best exercise for fat loss?


2. If I was to cut out one thing in my diet for maximum fat loss, what would it be?


3. What's the number one drink for fat loss?


4. What's the number one food for fat loss?

No such thing. Stick to a high protein diet.

5. What's the number one vitamin-like substance for fat loss?


6. What's the number one treatment for fat loss?

Fat loss is not a disease. There is no "treatment". Things like liposuction are not long-term solutions.

7. What's best, eating less more often or more less often?

Definitely eating less more often; this speeds up your metabolism naturally.

8. What's best, high fat, high protein, high carb?

There are hundreds of theories out there. For quick results, stick to no saturated fats (only some Omega Fatty Acids daily – don't overdo it), low carbs consumed early in the day, high protein.

9. When is it too late to lose fat?

Never too late, but always a good idea to start today. Every body can get rid of fat if given the right environment.

10. What's the best tool for fat loss?

Your mind.

11. What's the best machine for fat loss?

Your body.

12. Can you stop with the silly answers?

No. They are not silly; think about them.

13. What's the best "exercise machine" for fat loss?

Stationary cycle.

14. Why?

Its good for cardio, it also uses one of the biggest muscles in your body and one of the biggest calorie/fat burners (legs).

15. What should I eat before exercise for best fat loss?

Nothing. Cardio on an empty stomach is always best.

16. What should I eat after exercise for maximum fat loss?

Some simple carbs (e.g a banana).

17. Is it best to exercise in the morning or evening?

Depends on your work. For most people, early in the morning on an empty stomach is best.

18. What's a safe amount of fat to lose in a week?

As much as you can. Most people can't lose more than 2-4 lbs of fat a week; anything more than that is usually water or muscle loss. This is a very good reason to keep your water and protein intake high on a fat-loss programme.

19. What's the number one drink, other than water for fat loss?

Green tea.

20. How long should I be doing cardio for?

As long as you schedule permits you. So long as you are staying in your target heart range, you will burn fat. 1-2 hours, 4-5 times a week is ideal.

21. What's the best supplement for fat-loss?

There are many. One of the best-selling ones that I know of is Fat Stripper.

22. Do I have to keep taking fat-loss supplements?

No. You can use any one or combination of products up to 8 weeks, after which you will have a break. If you want more fat loss, you can switch to another different product after the 8 weeks.

23. Will fat-loss supplements give me side effects?

They shouldn't. If they do, there is something wrong.

24. I have cellulite. Can anything be done?

Yes. You need to try and rid your body of as much fat as possible, so it can then start looking for more fat to burn from your other (cellulite) areas.

25. How long will it take to lose 20% body-fat?

Depends entirely on you and your determination. If you have set a goal, your will is strong and you are disciplined in your diet and cardio, it won't take very long.

26. Will I regain lost body fat?

The body is constantly regenerating itself. If you lose body fat an you do not stick to a reasonable regime afterwards, you can get fat again.

27. What's the worst food I can eat that can make me fat?

Saturated fats.

28. Can you give me examples of saturated fats please?

Fries, fried foods, cookies, pastry, chocolate.

29. Can smoking make me fat?

No but it probably doesn't help efficient fat loss as your arteries will not be functioning efficiently.

30. Can cannabis make me fat?

Possibly by increasing the supply of the female hormone estrogen, which triggers the storage of fat.

31. Can stress make me fat?

Indirectly. Stress triggers the release of Cortisol, which signals the body to store fat and break down muscle tissue.

32. Is muscle tissue important for fat loss?

The more muscle you have, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat, whilst resting. This is why most muscular people need to do less to rid themselves of fat.

33. What clothes shall I wear for best fat loss?

No specific line of clothing will rid your body of fat. However, darker clothes do tend to make you look thinner to yourself and to others; this may have a positive mental aspect.



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