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Correct Circuit Training

By Mat Gudgeon WBFF Pro

By LA Muscle on 19.01.2016 06:07 pm


Version 1 Circuit Training is a familiar term to the majority of people who exercise, and most know the benefits. Because Metabolic Circuit Training (M.C.T) combines individual exercises that are known to help create a body that contains less fat, there are even more benefits to this kind of training, particularly if you’re into M.M.A. Adding M.C.T to your M.M.A exercise routine will make you stronger and faster; you will build body mass while becoming leaner. A typical MCT session for MMA is quick. By working so hard in such a short space of time, you’ll not only see and feel the benefits, but you’ll cut down the risks involved in over training. Start with one round of ten reps of four exercises – followed by a short rest.

Then it’s on to round two; you drop one rep each round so it becomes one round of nine reps and so on. You’re done when you’ve completed the final circuit – one round of one rep on each. It’s the lack of rest that makes MCT so effective for MMA training. The best individual exercises to combine in an MCT workout are those that use the push and pull factor – vital for functional muscle. They centre around using your own body weight – pushups, lunges, front squats, inverted body rows etc and combine the muscle groups that are important for your sport with exercises that you’re familiar with to maximise your potential and minimise the risk of injury.

Doing these alongside intense cardio will have you in fight shape in no time. Version 2 The best type of circuit training to suit MMA athletes is a mixture of full body compound exercises and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio. A basic model should look like the one below:

Cardio - Squat jumps Compound - Chin up, palms facing out

Cardio - Shuttle runs Compound - Standing dumbbell shoulder press, split stance

Cardio - Sprint on the spot Compound - Press up, elbows in

Cardio - Jumping jacks Compound - Bent over row, palms facing away from the body (under arm grip)

Cardio - Jump over step Compound - Squat with dumbbells

You can obviously mix it up and modify the workouts to suit your improving level of fitness. It’s important that the training you do is right for you so it’s worth speaking to your trainer before you change your current training program.

Mat Gudgeon WBFF Pro



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