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10 reasons to do Cardiovascular exercise

10 new cutting-edge reasons to get in shape!

By LA Muscle on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


1. Cardio makes you better looking

Maybe not on everyone's list, but we can all do with a little help. Cardiovascular exercise gets rid of body-fat all over including your face. If you do it long and often enough, you will find that your double chin and chubby cheeks will disappear.

Athletically fit people with low body fat are generally perceived as better-looking.

2. Gets your lymph going

The lymph system is very important for health, vitality and the removal of toxins. The lymph system works by movement. Cardio exercise is a very good way of getting your lymph system going and detoxifying.

3. Helps beat constipation

Yes, certain cardio exercises, such as using the trampoline, stepper, jogging and cross training can be very good for the movement of your bowels.

Constipation is often caused by low fibre but also lack of proper exercise. Vigorous exercise that gets the body jumping up and down and gets it moving side to side is very good in beating constipation and restoring the normal flow in your intestines.

4. Detoxifies your body

If you do cardio long and hard enough, you will sweat buckets. Sweating is one of your body's primary means of detoxifying. Make sure you drink plenty of water and see yourself get healthier as the days go by.

We very often don't sweat in winter months and it's good to introduce cardio during this time to ensure that we are detoxifying all year round.

5. Great for mental awareness

Sounds strange, but cardio exercises is a great stimulant for the brain. When you do cardio, your whole body is moving, oxygen is reaching places in abundance, places like the brain.

Those who regularly do cardio notice that they think about a great deal of things during their cardio session and deal with many of their problems! Cardio does get you to think and the extra oxygen can only be a good thing.

6. Good for your hair and skin

No, this is not an advert for a new shampoo! Cardio exercise is very good for your scalp and your skin. The extra flow of oxygen and nutrients are vital for healthy hair growth and skin nourishment.

Those who do regular cardio do not have great hair and skin by accident. It is a by-product of regular cardiovascular exercise.

7. Powerful tonic for sexual problems in men

The male penis is heavily dependant on blood flow. High body fat and lack of exercise contribute greatly to erection problems.

Cardiovascular exercise gets rid of body fat but more importantly it increases blood flow to the penis and ensures it is healthy. A particularly good cardio exercise for the penis is jogging. Work your way to 5 miles 3-4 times a week and see the benefits.

8. Better sex

The fitter you are and the less body fat you have, the more sexual you will be. There are always exceptions to this (before you start writing in!) but on the whole, those who do regular cardio are more sexual and fit.

The confidence that comes from low body fat and knowing that you can be active for extended periods are great for a rewarding sex life.

9. Reduces bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is a word that gets thrown around a great deal. Not all cholesterol is bad. After all your own body produces cholesterol.

Regular cardio exercise can be very beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol. This is vital for a healthy heart and longevity.

10. Gives you the summer body

No top 10 cardio list would be complete without mentioning that cardio is the number 1 way of getting rid of body fat.

If you do regular cardio exercise at least 3-4 times a week, you are well on your way to getting rid of body fat and having that summer body with a six pack. The more the better, so long as you don't over do it or make yourself ill.



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