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The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

How To Reset Your Metabolism

By LA Muscle on 21.03.2018 01:52 pm


Whenever most people hear the word “fasting” they tend to cringe as they think about fad diets that never last and feeling really hungry all the time. Whilst there's nothing wrong with that, it couldn't be further from the truth with intermittent fasting. Diets are extremely varied and work differently from one person to the next, however intermittent fasting is gaining more exposure in the mainstream media in recent years. It is becoming more established and recognised for it's effectiveness and proven results with fat loss, muscle growth, better metabolism and a ton of additional health benefits.


Intermittent fasting, IF for short, is not actually a diet, it's more of a dieting pattern where you consume your daily calories during a set “window” of eating. This tends to be a short window with nothing consumed outside of this time. Living in a society where it's the norm to have at least the traditional three square meals a day this can sound like crazy talk but it's actually practiced worldwide and in recent years has continued to grow in popularity as it gets more attention in the media. Fasting can be seen as a ludicrous suggestion to those not willing to give it a try compared to those who are already in some way or another well versed with the eating habits of it. Take for example those who usually prefer to skip breakfast or people who fast for Lent or Ramadan, they are already very familiar with the effects it can have on the body and would be well prepared to take on the challenges involved.


There are endless amounts of studies you can find online from renowned scientists to fitness experts who have documented the fantastic results they have achieved with intermittent fasting. Results that include improved metabolism, rapid weight loss, increased muscle growth, improved mental function as well as many others.


An effective fast will have 14-20 hours of fasting with a limited time to consume your daily calories. Even with a short window of a few hours this tends to be enough time to get 1-3 meals in, depending on how much you wish to eat in one go. Some people prefer to have one large meal with several dishes whilst others prefer to have a few smaller meals spread out over a few hours.

For a lot of people this can be daunting, especially for those who are used to eating at set times and are simply not willing to go that long without food. Well a simple solution to this is to just skip breakfast. Yes, you see plastered everywhere the phrase “BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY”, but whilst it's important to fuel your body no meal time is set in stone. To give this a try we'll assume someone has dinner around 8-9pm and then has their first meal the following day at around 12-1pm. Well that's 14 hours of fasting and will give you an 8-hour window to consume your day's calories.

There are ways to get through the challenge of your body trying to rebel against this new eating pattern such as liquids. As long as they're not calorific, including very little sugar, things like teas and coffees are not included and you can drink as many of them as you need, as well as water of course. The liquids will help fill you up and keep hunger at bay.


The thing about intermittent fasting is that you get out of it what you put into it, pretty much like any other diet. Can any diet or eating method claim to be the best? Which one is better will always depend on the person asked as the best thing to do is just be open-minded enough to give different things a try and see which works best for you and what you prefer. Is it really worth following a diet that you don't enjoy simply because you see good results? For the short term this might be an option but in the long run it will make you miserable and can even start to negatively affect your health.

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