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10-Minute Medicine Ball HIIT Workout

Carve Abs & Burn Fat Quickly

By LA Muscle on 15.04.2019 04:07 pm


If you’re looking for a highly effective workout that will help sculpt a solid core and burn fat in no time at all then look no further. A medicine ball is an easy piece of gym kit that can be used for many different exercises due to its versatility. This HIIT workout will take no longer than 10 minutes and not only counts as your cardio but it will also work your core and help strengthen and condition the abdominals. Instead of a medicine ball, you can also use a slam ball which will work the same way for all exercises.

Each exercise will be performed for 30 seconds each with as many reps performed during that time as possible. All five exercises performed count as one round and you’ll be performing three rounds. At the end of each round you can have up to 30 seconds rest before starting the next round but in between each exercise you should aim for minimal rest periods to keep up the intensity.


This one will get your heart rate up. Start by placing the ball in front of your feet. Then lightly rest one foot on top of the ball while the other is on the ground. Then in an explosive movement, alternate foot positions whilst driving your arms to increase speed and power used.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and the ball held overhead.

Throw the ball down to the ground in front of your feet with as much force as possible. Exhale during the movement and contract the abs. Pick the ball up and lift it back to the starting position and repeat.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart whilst holding the medicine ball at chest level. Choose which side to start from and in one movement, twist your hips and upper body toward the wall, slam the ball against the wall, and catch it. Repeat on other side and keep going for duration.


Stand with feet just beyond shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knee and pick up medicine ball with both hands. Drop your hips back and bend at your knees until your thighs are at least parallel to the ground. Come up out of the squat while simultaneously pushing the medicine ball up above your head. End with your arms above your head and legs straight.


To begin sit down on an exercise mat in a seated position with knees bent, feet off the floor and holding the medicine ball a few inches in front of your chest. Twist the ball to your left hip bone, keeping body centered. Repeat on the other side. That is one repetition.

After one round of doing all of these exercises for 30 seconds each you can have 30 seconds rest before doing another round. You will aim for three rounds in total with minimal rest in between exercises.



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