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10 Healthy Foods Secretly Making You Fat

How to spot unhealthy "healthy" foods

By LA Muscle on 22.11.2016 06:57 am


In an age when many people are obsessed with low fat diets and eating healthy, some so-called healthy foods may well be making you fat. Below are 10 foods that are seemingly healthy but can be making you fat!

1. Low fat breakfast cereals

Whilst low in fat, many of these cereals are very high in sugar, which in turn boosts hormones and makes you fat.

2. Wholewheat bread

This bread is actually as high on the glycemic index as white bread and can play havoc with your hormone levels and make you just as fat as white bread! Many people are intolerant of gluten and consuming gluten interferes with their normal body functions. Gluten also makes you look “puffed up”.

3. Low fat yoghurt

Actual low fat yoghurt tastes horrible. This is why manufacturers normally add sugar, corn syrup and sweeteners to it, to make it more tasty. In the process, it also ruins all the benefits of it being “low fat”!

4. Sushi box

Many people replace their normal lunch with a “healthy” sushi box! Problem is, your heathy sushi box can have as much as 600 calories, 25g of fat and the soy sauce is full of salt, making you hold water and look bloated.

5. Gluten-free low fat treats

Any “treat” is bad for you! It doesn’t matter whether it is gluten-free or low sugar or low fat. It may be good for you psychologically, but most “treats” are usually full of saturated fat, sugar and salt.

6. Healthy “trail mixes”

These are usually packed full of fat and sugar. If you were to have them daily, you would soon see the fat piling on and not know where it is coming from. Caution is advised!

7. Organic foods

Just because something is organic, it doesn’t mean it is better for you! For example, many organic foods have the white sugar replaced by cane sugar. It is still sugar and can make you fat. Always read labels even if something says organic.

8. Fruit juice

Unless you are having freshly made fruit juice in a juice bar, most fruit juices are sugary water, flavoured with fruit flavours. Many fruit juices do not contain any fruit at all or at best, contain old fruit. Fruit juice is also notorious for spiking hormone levels, leading to fat storage.

9. Low fat, healthy salad dressing

These are usually packed full of salt, corn syrup, soybean oil, fructose and sugar. You are much better off mixing some olive oil with vinegar or lemon and making your own salad dressing. Remember, vinegar especially apple cider vinegar burns fat!

10. Granola/flapjacks

Whilst they contain oats, which are good for you, most granola bars are “stuck” together using sugar, oil, corn syrup and lots of things which make you fat and clog up your arteries.

In conclusion, always read the labels on all products and make sure you look out for sugar, salt and saturated fats.





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