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Why foot pain is a signal you should listen to

Listen to your body

By Parham Donyai on 22.12.2022 09:25 am


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the feet are the gateway to your health. The feet tell you so much about your body if you listen. However, for most people, they need the tools to be able to listen to their feet and these tools come from Reflexology.

As a whole, when your feet ache for no reason, your body is trying to tell you that you are already or you are on your way to getting run down. The best thing you can do at this stage is to put them in some warm water for 15-20 mins and massage them. You can add some salt to the water too.

Then you need to rest and elevate them.

Obviously if you have been exercising such as running, your feet may ache. You can do the same as the above but aching post exercise is not the same as aching for no reason.

When you learn to listen to your feet, you will naturally become healthier. However, you do need to know what each part of your foot relates to in terms of your overall body. In this instance, you can refer to a good Reflexology chart to see what is what.

For example if your toes hurt, this is generally your sinuses, ears, eyes and head region. If the ball of your feet hurt, this is the chest region in your body. If the middle of your foot hurts, this is the kidneys and can mean a cold coming on.

The heel of your feet correspond to your intestinal region and the side of your feet is where your spine is.

I have been a Reflexologist for 30+ years and have worked on thousands of people. As an entrepreneur and owner of many businesses, I don’t spend my time working on people’s feet unless it is an exceptional case, but can tell you from experience that your feet do 100% tell you about the state of your body.

Just as your feet can tell you what is wrong with you, they can also be the gateway to health because any painful or problematic area of the foot can correspond to the problematic area of your body. By working on the areas of your foot, you can in turn heal problematic areas of your body.

The above does not apply if you have an actual medical condition with your feet which may require surgery.

I understand that for the majority of people this sounds ludicrous and I have seen the skepticism now for some 30 years! All I can say is don’t knock it until you have tried it.

For a free Reflexology chart, please visit

Foot ahce and pain

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Parham Donyai

Parham Donyai


Parham Donyai is the founder of LA Muscle, having established the company in 1997. He has been a qualified complimentary medicine practitioner of almost 30 years.
Parham is a very successful serial entrepreneur with companies in various fields worldwide. Parham is an author, motivational speaker and mentor to businesses and individuals.



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