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REVEALED: Why you are so angry & stressed all the time

How to overcome anger, irritability and stress

By LA Muscle on 21.10.2015 10:05 am


By: Brad Thompson

A few years back I was training at the LA Muscle R&D labs in the USA. At the time LA Muscle was developing a supplement to combat stress, anxiety and anger issues. There was a great deal of research going on into what causes anger, the physiological, psychological, emotional and environmental triggers.

One of the things that really struck me and stayed with me until this day was that there really were certain things that triggered anger and contributed to a more stressed and angry person. I have asked LA Muscle whether I can share some of these with you (as they were confidential and part of LA Muscle’s R&D) and they are happy for me to do this. So here goes my top list of what I believe are major contributory factors to why some people are so much more angry than others.

Oh, and before I forget, the reason why I am writing this article now is that yesterday I saw a photo of a car with its window smashed by an angry cyclist…. there was a 4 month old baby inside the car. Just what makes people so angry in the heat of the moment to do such a thing and potentially harm a young baby? I hope this article will help some of you out there that are the angry type. Remember, every time you get angry, you reduce your life-span and damage your heart.


Whilst Caffeine is an excellent stimulant and pre-workout supplement, it is also the number 1 anxiety producer and one of the biggest reasons why in the modern age, we are so angry, stressed, anxious and intolerant. It is also in the top 2 reasons for insomnia. Caffeine comes in many shapes and forms, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and so on. The worst form is coffee. Coffee stresses you. Do not be under any illusions that coffee relaxes you! If you are a big coffee drinker, reduce it and then cut it out totally and see for yourself. I PROMISE you that you will be less stressed and angry. At the same time you may get more tired if you have been running on coffee all the time.


Possibly sharing the number 1 spot with Caffeine is hunger! Hunger is the biggest reason for that angry, irritated, agitated persona of yours. Pay attention and just eat for god’s sake! Don’t let yourself get into a position where you are hungry and all over the place. Always try and eat “before” you get hungry. Hunger is one of the biggest reason behind arguments between couples, parents and children and a big trigger for that “rage”.

Lack of sleep

Sleep rebalances your body and hormones. Sleep increases relaxing hormones and reduces stress hormones. If you don’t sleep enough, you are going to be angry and agitated.

Red meat

Red meat needs to have its own category when it comes to anger issues. Vegetarians are generally more relaxed people. Have you noticed this? Red meat, especially the over-processed full of hormone meat of these days makes you more stressed and angry. Try and reduce red meat consumption.

Junk foods & E numbers

All junk foods and artificial foods with E numbers can contribute to irritation and anger. Your body is not adept at dealing with so much junk and it goes into chaos. The liver is a big organ when it comes to mood and when you over-pollute it with junk foods and stress it with E numbers, it heats up and starts making you more angry. Have you noticed that you sigh more when you are angry? Sighing in Chinese Medicine is a sign of your body wanting to off-load some weight, heat and stress from the liver.

Eating stressed food, chicken, egg

Non-organic stressed food will make you stressed and angry. Whether you believe this or not, it is the truth. You can easily avoid them and see if you are less angry (which will be proof!). All these stressed barn chickens and mass produced eggs are full of bad energy. When you eat them, this bad energy goes into your body.

Drugs, Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are a big no-no when it comes to trying to reduce stress. People rely on alcohol to “relax” them, yet alcohol is a depressant and usually makes life seem more bleak in the long term. Drugs such as cannabis may relax you in the moment but generally they make you lazy and sap away your real personality, thus making you less productive and possibly not as happy deep down. Cannabis is not a happy drug. All drugs have a pay-back and it is usually in the form of long-term unhappiness.

Being in a rush

When you are in a rush, you produce more adrenaline and that stresses you, gets you agitated and angry. Being in a rush is not good for your body. But how can you stop this? If you are in a rush, you are in a rush! One of the psychologists at the R&D labs suggested something which I thought was interesting. He said imagine you are just a passenger on holiday in this big universe and all this small stuff really doesn’t matter. Maybe this will help you???

Not relaxing

Not relaxing is a bit like not sleeping enough but I am talking more about taking a few minutes each day somewhere quiet and just resting. Phone off, noise off, close your eyes and just think of your last holiday or somewhere nice and just chill. Imagine all the things that you like, that you look forward to, that make you happy and blow up their image in your mind’s eye and just enjoy a few quiet moments every day. It will make you less angry.

General tiredness

Anything which contributes to you getting tired is not good for anger issues. Over-doing things such as training, work, exercise can all contribute to you getting more tired and more moody and angry. Pace yourself.


Do you talk to yourself? Do you make assumptions about people and then just blow them out of proportion in your mind? One of the things that I found interesting when I was in the LA Muscle labs in the USA was reading about road rage and incidents of road rage and what caused them. One guy in particular was always getting into fights with people. He was so impatient and would cut people up (not literally but with his car!), jump out of his car and was always angry. He stopped all this when one day he overtook a small slow car that he thought was going slow on purpose (to annoy him), stopped his car, jumped out and was about to grab the occupant and teach them a lesson when he saw they were a very old frail couple much like his grandparents, scared to death of how he got out of his car. He never went crazy again after that.

Not living in the present

Angry people generally worry too much about the future and many live in the past. The trick is to live in the present.


We can see from the above that certain foods do make you more angry. Not eating certain other foods can also contribute to anger issues. You see, many foods are anti-stress foods so if you eat more of them, you will be less stressed and less angry. B vitamins are known anti-stress vitamins as are relaxant teas such as Chamomile.

Spices and anything that “heats up” your boy can make you more angry.

There you have it. I hope the above goes some way towards making you less angry and stressed. If you don’t agree with the above or you don’t like this article, give me a call and we will go outside and sort it out lol :)



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