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Top 3 Best Natural Pre-Workouts

Nature's Energy

By LA Muscle on 22.03.2019 04:30 pm


When you train regularly it’s common knowledge that you’re going to require a boost now and then to give you some energy. Pre-workouts are great but there are many on the market that are overloaded with dangerously high amounts of caffeine as well as questionable ingredients that can cause your body more harm than good.

Sometimes it’s better to have a look around for other more natural alternatives to give you a boost. When taken at the right times, these following food and drinks are considered natures best energy sources.


A cup of coffee is a typical energy source for millions of people worldwide, especially first thing in the morning. Coffee has numerous positive benefits that range from raising energy levels to free fatty acid mobilization. It’s recommended to go for a cup of black coffee, with or without sugar, before your workout to up your energy levels. Ideally 20-40 minutes before you workout is recommended to get the full effects.


There’s a reason why you always see a lot of athletes eating a banana before, during and even after training. Rich in starchy carbohydrates, one banana will contain around 14g of sugar, made of glucose and fructose, two sugar types that are ideal for athletic performance. They are also rich in potassium and magnesium, providing electrolytes to your body that, when lost, will cause muscle cramps and fatigue, so it's best to keep your levels topped-up. 20-27g of carbohydrates per banana will also keep your muscles fuelled before strenuous exercise.


Although less known than the first two, coconut water continues to gain popularity due to its range of health benefits. It is naturally full of electrolytes to provide an energy boost without any form of crash experienced afterwards. An improper electrolyte balance can lead to muscle cramps, stiffness, nausea, headaches and fatigue, so drinking coconut water will help top-up your body's electrolyte supply. Coconut water is also a great natural alternative to an energy drink.



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