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Tips To Workout In Hot Weather

Get The Most Out Of The Heatwave

By LA Muscle on 25.07.2019 04:34 pm


Training outside is always a great idea. Not only do you tend to get more out of your workout but training in an outdoor environment is also proven to boost your mood and wellbeing. That being said, during a heatwave there are some important things that you need to keep in mind and be conscious of in order to get the best possible workout without affecting your health or causing injury.

1. Pick the right time of day

It might be tempting to just train when you feel like it at any point of the day but there can be dangers to exercising outside at times when the sun is at its hottest. Try and aim to workout early in the morning or late evening. The sun will still be out at these times, but you’ll avoid the hottest parts of the day and ensure that your body doesn’t get overheated and minimise any other possible dangers.

2. Drink fluids throughout the day

Generally, it is always important to ensure that you take on lots of fluids but in hot weather you need to aim to double your normal intake. Whilst daily recommend water intake might be 2-3 litres, during a heatwave this is closer to 6 litres. This will ensure that you stay fully hydrated and reduce the risk of sunstroke and dizziness.

3. Don’t push your limits

Normally you’d be encouraged to work on improving on your PBs but when the weather is so punishing it just isn’t smart to punish yourself even more. Simple changes like a long-distance run being replaced by interval training or circuits will increase your rest periods and allow the body to recover better whilst still challenging it. If training with weights you can slightly reduce the weight and increase the reps with sufficient rest periods included.

4. Wear lighter layers

In the heat you’d be mindful to keep your layers as light as possible. Shorts and a vest would be the ideal outfit and they should ideally be made from breathable, lightweight materials to allow sweat to evaporate so that you can cool down effectively. Also opt for light-coloured clothing as this will reflect the suns light and keep you cooler.

5. Use protection

Sunburn and sunstroke are common side effects of being out in the sun for too long so the best way to reduce your chances of that happening is to ensure you are wearing a sufficient PF of sun block for your complexion and a hat on your head to keep it covered. This may just seem like common sense, but you’ll definitely pay for it the next day if you forget them so better to remember to use them before leaving the house.



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