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Constipation and how to help eliminate it

A must-read for anyone suffering from Constipation

By LA Muscle on 19.09.2017 03:45 pm


Constipation is very common and effects both men and women. Constipation can be caused by lifestyle factors such as not eating enough fibre, not drinking enough fluids and not exercising regularly, over poor diet as well as mental health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety.

For some people, chronic constipation means infrequent bowel movements for weeks at a time. To others, chronic constipation means straining or having difficulty passing stools. Generally, the definition of chronic constipation is a stool frequency of less than three per week that lasts several months.

Some of the symptoms include:
  • Lower abdominal discomfort.
  • Straining to have a bowel movement.
  • Hard or small stools.
  • Physiological distress and/or obsession with having bowel movements.

What happens if you have constipation?

Your colon absorbs too much water from your waste. The basic cause of constipation is dryness. In a normal digestive system, as food moves at a normal rate through your body and is converted into waste, the intestine absorbs water from it and impacts it into stool.

You need to remember that constipated people often suffer from many conditions, including:

· Bad breath

· Bad skin

· Lack of energy

· Short term weight gain

· Feeling sluggish and bloated

· Bad mood

· Bowel irregularity can add inches to your waistline and cause discomfort.

Here are some of the ways of beating constipation

1. Eat more fibre

If your diet does not contain a daily stream of fibre, then you are not helping your bowels get rid of food. Fibre is what moves food along and what pushes faeces out of your system. It is recommended you have 25 to 50 grams of fibre a day, Foods with lots of fibre include cereals such as wheat germ and bran, whole-wheat and rye flours, grainy breads, fresh fruit (especially berries), dried fruits such as prunes and figs, vegetables, and legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and beans. lIncrease fibre intake gradually to avoid any side-effects.

2. Exercise regularly

Aim to be physically active at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more, Physical activity stimulates your intestinal muscles to work more efficiently. It also decreases the amount of time needed for food to move through your intestines, so stools stay moist.

3. Drink lots of water

Drink at least 3 litres of water every day – more if you can (not all in one go!). Mineral water is preferred as tap water is full of additives which cause other health problems. Water lubricates the intestines and also moistens the food you eat, aiding its flow through your body.

4. Lose the stress

Psychological stress can have a huge effect on bowel function,’ Bowel movements depend on intricate signalling between the gut and the brain. When the brain is under stress, the bowel is, too. People who are stressed are less likely to exercise and eat nutritious foods.

5. Stick with a regular routine

Bowel movements occur according to the body’s internal ‘clock.’ When you ignore the urge to go to the bathroom, there’s more time for water to be extracted from the stools into the body, making them harder to pass. (One idea: Give yourself enough time to make bowel movements part of your morning at-home routine.

6. Implement Lemon Juice

It acts as a cleansing agent for the intestines, the salt content helps in quick and easy passage of stool. This juice also is a great way to detox your body.

7. Introduce Figs to your diet

Either dried or ripe, figs are packed with fibre and act as a great natural laxative.

How to use:

For relief from constipation, boil a few figs in a glass of milk, drink this mixture at night before bed.

8. Change Your Diet

Don't eat white carb products like pastry, don't eat fatty foods and junk. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Eggs & dairy products (yoghurt, milk) are often culprits in creating constipation. Cut them out too! Your diet needs to be spot on to help eliminate constimation

9. Cut Gluten

Eliminate Gluten from the diet as Gluten tends to cause constipation too.

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