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Does Alcohol Affect Your "Gains"?

By LA Muscle Athlete Chris Foster

By LA Muscle on 25.04.2018 04:55 pm


If you're competing or getting ready for a shoot then chances are you'll know the negative effects alcohol can have and therefore avoid it completely.

But for those who want to look good on the beach or who aren't competing / shooting there are a few simple rules you can implicate to cut down the damage of drinking.

You've trained hard all week, and your diets been on point.... Saturday's here and the lads are doing bits . You want to get involved, but you don't want to un do all this weeks hard work. If your willing to make a few changes to your drink choice and follow a few simple rules you can.. " have your booze and drink it" so to speak.

1) Drink choice : ALL ALCOHOL contains calories... So many people don't realise this. Everything , from sugary Alchopops to spirits . Some contain more than others . SO, we simply choose the drink with the least calories ... Simple right?

In order of 'best alcohol for aesthetic' (sounds contradicting right)

1) Gin & slimline tonic / diet tonic
2) Tequila
3)Vodka & slimline tonic/diet tonic
4) Red wine
5) Vodka & No added sugar Cranberry/pomegranate

Tequila is currently under studies claiming that in actual fact it could 'help you lost weight' . This is due to it originating from the 'agave plant'. The same plant that gives us the natural low GI sweetener 'agave'.

Red wine, a couple of glasses will contain more calories than the other drinks. However what you get with red wine is some health benefits.
Many doctors agree that something in red wine appears to help your heart. It's possible that antioxidants, such as flavonoids or a substance called resveratrol, have heart-healthy benefits.

ALSO.... The next day you'll get an amazing pump and appear more vascular ;)


Try and pre-plan your night of drinking. I know the night gets wild and there's always that one person that wants to do all different shots, but you have a goal, a mission...

Try and set a limit of the amount you'll drink and in-between drinks get a pint of tap water from the bar and neck it. You'll feel better for it in the morning.


Make your last meal before drinking high in protein and a big serving of various veg with some healthy fats. Avoiding carbs because you'll be having them later in form of alcohol.


When the night is over DO NOT eat. Get yourself home and have a pre-made shake . In this shake add an additional 10g L-Glutamine & 10g BCAA. Make the shake before you go out so when you get home you can take it from fridge and get it down you. This will help preserve muscle, help your hangover tomorrow due to L-Glutamines detoxifying effects when it comes to alcohol.

You could also throw in some ZMA or a natural testo booster such as LA Muscle's Norateen Gold before bed. Alcohol lowers your testosterone levels ... So by taking supplements as mentioned you can help prevent your testosterone levels from dropping.

Obviously this is if you're in a good enough state haha. But if your prepared and have it all ready you should be able to... If you want the results you'll do what you have to do.


Get yourself a pint of water with a multivitamin. Drink this and then have a strong black coffee/espresso. Take yourself for some LISS cardio around the block/over the woods. This will help clear your head and help 'burn off' any of the alcohol energy. Leaving you to start your diet for the day.

6) MEAL 1:

I find having something like smoked salmon and eggs really helps. Not only are you missing carbs here ( giving your body chance to process last nights) but these two foods are mood enhancers. The fatty acids and aminos found in eggs and salmon help boost levels of serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good hormone . Boosting this will help you feel better.
Wash it down with some green tea which again will help detoxify you and also help speed your metabolism up. Perhaps even pop a fat burner such as thermo24.

Hitting a big session prior to your night out will also help. Mainly for aesthetic purposes of course, pre pump , but this will help raise your metabolism.

Don't drink yager bombs.... They make you do bad things that you'll have no recollection of the next day.

These are just a few simple things you can do.

It's all about working hard and playing hard too sometimes . That playtime doesn't have to ruin all your progress.

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