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10 foods you shouldn't eat before sleep

10 worst foods to eat before bed

By LA Muscle on 25.09.2015 10:19 pm


1.Red meat

Red meat is very heavy and it takes a lot to digest it. Foods which take long to digest, keep the body awake.

2. High fat

High fat foods such as chips, fried foods, cheese or ice cream are also difficult to digest and have a tendency to keep the body awake and alert. This can seriously interfere with your sleep.

3. Caffeine

High up on the list is caffeine. Caffeine seriously (with a capital S) interferes with your sleep. You should really avoid caffeine before sleep. The biggest culprits are coffee, tea, Red Bull and energy drinks, caffeinated fizzy drinks such as Coke, chocolate and anything that contains cocoa.

4. Alcohol

There is a theory that glass of red wine can help you sleep. Researchers have found that alcohol in healthy people can in fact affect their sleep - negatively that is!

5. Spicy foods

Spicy foods are not a good idea before sleep. The spice can cause heartburn and indigestion and they interfere with your sleep.

6. Water

Though water is good to keep you rehydrated, drinking water just before sleep can fill up your bladder and interfere with your sleep and keep you alert.

7. High sugar cereals

High sugar cereals can get your mind energised just when you are supposed to sleep. They can also get your body to store fat overnight, so high sugar cereals are a real no-no.

8. Pretzels and similar snacks such as nachos

High glycemic snacks like pretzels are terrible at night as they encourage fat storage and are heavy on the digestion too.

9. Cakes and doughnuts

These are digested much slower than foods and so keep your body awake and alert. If you want something sweet before bed, try some mango.

10. Nothing

Eating nothing before bed causes restlessness and increased activity. So that’s not a good idea either!

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