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What happens if I miss taking one or more capsules/tablets?

Missing one or two doses here or there is not a problem. However if you are serious about your training and goals, then you should take all supplements as directed and not miss a dose. Many supplements need to be taken regularly as instructed for best results. See a few examples below:

  • Male hormone boosters - Boost male hormone every 6-8 hours. If you miss a dose, then that will affect male hormone elevation.
  • Creatine - Boosts and keeps boosting your own body's natural Creatine levels. Missing a dose will mean Creatine levels will go down.
  • Fat Burners - Missing a few doses can put you back, interrupting the transportation of body fat.
Try not to miss a dose. If you do, it's not the end of the world. LA Muscle supplements will still give you incredible results.
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