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How much weight will I gain if I use muscle builders?

Get big like Minas MinaEvery person is different. LA Muscle supplements for muscle gain have been specifically designed to give you MAXIMUM weight gain in minimum time.

Individual results depend on how long you have been training for and how much weight you have already put on, your training, diet, genetics, stress levels, drug/alcohol consumption and your previous and current supplements use.

Some people may put on 4-5 lbs on a course of something like Norateen Heavyweight II (which is still very respectable considering it will be "lean" gains) whilst there have been people who have put on as much as 30 lbs on a 2 month course.

SIZE, Minas Mina style!No one can give you solid promises as we cannot guarantee your genes, stress levels, training and diet! What is promised is that if you stick to the instructions on the products and the advice on this web site, you will get the best results possible. LA Muscle muscle building supplements have been designed to get you big fast and that's what they do time and time again.

Products like Norateen Heavyweight II have been voted as number 1 in their field by independent reviewers such as Men's Health Magazine.

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