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What's the difference between your fat burners?

All LA Muscle fat loss pills are very strong. They work on fat loss from different angles. You can take one or several at the same time for even better results. Here is a quick comparison:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract - Potent, natural weight loss ingredient with a very high 50% CGA.
  • Green Tea - Natural antioxidant and weight loss product
  • Sculpt - Potent & very natural. Fat loss in days
  • Six Pack Pill- The best way of getting a six pack fast! Works for men & women, young or old.
  • Six Pack Pill Extreme - Powerful rapid action formula for quick six pack abs.
  • Thermo24 - Europe's best-selling fat metaboliser for quick, safe fat loss in days
  • Thermo24 Intense - Amazing 8 ingredient super-fat burner
  • Thermoburn - Natural ingredients which stimulate rapid fat loss (thermogenesis)
  • Thermoburn Herbal -A scientific herbal blender of ingredients which leads to rapid weight loss.
  • Thermoxen - Contains the powerful active ingredient glucomannan
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