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How I Got Into Bodybuilding

By Miss Galaxy & UKBBF Champion Rebecca Hamilton

By LA Muscle on 11.10.2018 04:54 pm


How I got into body building and how it changed my life for the better!

At school I would try any excuse going to get out of doing P.E and sports day. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy participating it was because I didn’t like that the whole class was watching, I was quite shy as a child.

When I left school I joined the gym although I didn’t start weight training till later on, I was your typical cardio queen and spent hours on the stepper or treadmill.

I stopped any training when I fell pregnant, I was very lucky I didn’t put on any weight apart from my bump and snapped straight back into shape.

I purchased a home workout dvd with some light weight training in it, after a couple of months I noticed some shape to my arm which I liked! I went back to the gym when my daughter (who's now 11yrs old) was about a year old Instead of going straight back to hours of cardio I decided to give weights a go.

Despite all the cardio I used to do and having a small frame I was never happy with my body, so when I started weight training I realised it wasn’t a skinny frame I was after it was shape! I started weight training more and loved the results, although like many I thought I shouldn’t lift too heavy or I would end up huge or looking manly! What was I thinking!

I had my second child (who's now 7yrs old) this time round I was not so lucky! Despite being much more health conscious this time round healthy eating and the gym 6 times a week, I was even in a fitness class in labour! I was huge!

I started training with a friend who was going to be competing in a fitness competition, still keeping it light because I didn’t want to get massive! Lol! My friend said I should join her too! My first thoughts were no way! How could I stand up on stage in a bikini, I had never done anything like that I always used to dodge school plays and anything that would involve too many eyes on me!

With a bit of persuasion and agreeing to help with diet and training I agreed.

Show day came I was absolutely petrified, it was the scariest thing I had ever done!

To my surprise I placed 4th fitness model, I was buzzing!

I was surrounded by all these beautiful women with the most amazing physiques and guess what they didn’t look manly at all haha! They looked amazing and seriously hot!

I’ve made lots of friends at shows who share my passion for the gym. Everyone has been so friendly, supportive and positive. I felt a little bit of confidence grow inside and couldn’t wait to do it again.

From then my training changed I wasn’t worried about lifting heavier anymore and got stuck it!

I competed my first body building show UKBFF competing in the bodyfitness category, never expecting to place at all! I placed 3rd with an invite to the British finals. I could hear my little girl shouting mum, I felt so proud of myself something which I had never really felt about myself before.

I took part in the British finals, although I didn’t get placed it was a honour to be there amongst so many amazing athletes and it is so motivating.

I competed in Fit Factor model search placing 6th out a huge search around the country!

I took to the UKBFF stage again placing 2nd with invite to the finals.

I soon realised after competing in several competitions I had changed, I gained confidence I had always lacked and that had held me back at times, I was happier and had a much more positive outlook on life.

Not only have I bagged some pretty nice trophies and medals, I have made many friends, gained confidence, knowledge, had lots of fun with fab people and now know the career path I want to go down and have the confidence to do it!

Sometimes you just got to take yourself out of your comfort zone even if it scares the hell out you, you never know what the results will be!

You can see more of the lovely Rebecca on Instagram by following @becky4u2



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