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Natural Anabolic Foods

For Superhuman Gains

By LA Muscle on 26.01.2018 04:53 pm


When it comes to health and fitness, we all have similar goals; gain muscle, lose weight, improve health and so on. What is it that stops us from achieving these goals? You can train as hard as you want but if all aspects of your plan aren't in effect then you'll just be wasting your time with misplaced effort.

With most people I talk to, I always find one of the main causes that prevent them from achieving their fitness goals to be inconsistency in their diet. Some are either on a diet for a few days and then give up, some will try a diet and then change to a different one after too short a time if they don't see good results and the others are eating the wrong types of foods for the goals they have.

Today i'm going to cover some foods that will not only improve your health but will naturally boost your testosterone levels along with a whole range of other health benefits. You may already be familiar with them as they are very popular foods but most people are not using them to their full potential so give them a try and hopefully you'll have a few extra foods that you can add to your diet for a bit of extra variety that will work wonders and make a significant change to your health and physique.

When people hear the words “anabolic” and “steroids”, they always tend to think of the illegal synthetic kind that are taken to enhance performance and improve physical appearance however natural steroids are completely different. Think testosterone, oestrogen, cortisol and even cholesterol. These are all naturally occurring steroids found in our bodies.

The following foods are all easy go-to foods that you can incorporate into your meals to make sure you are fuelled with the best nutrients to fire your metabolism up and help you burn fat quickly and add lean muscle more easily.

Spinach – It seems Popeye was on to something with this one as spinach contains high amounts of phytoecdysteroids, including ecdysterone and dehydroepiandrosterone which can increase the protein synthesis of cells by 20% and reduce protein degradation. Ecdysteroids are also considered to be the best kinds of natural steroids found in plants. Spinach is also a natural nitrate so it can increase nitric oxide levels in the body which will improve blood flow in the body and is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Wild Oats – Think 'wild organic oats', these are rich in steroid-like saponins and are known for their ability to boost testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels. They're scientifically proven to increase your testosterone levels mainly because of the high saponin content. Make sure they're organic and unwashed as processed oats or if you wash wild oats will both remove the testo-boosting saponins.

Eggs – A no brainer here as eggs have long been known for their many health benefits and should be one of the first foods in any well-balanced diet. All of the egg should be consumed as the egg yolk is rich in dietary cholesterol whilst the egg white will provide bio-active amino acids, which builds your muscle tissue and improves your overall health.

Quinoa – similar to Spinach, Quinoa is also rich in ecdysteroids and steroid-like saponins; known for their effects to increase testosterone and luteinizing hormone. Quinoa is also high in many different testo-boosting vitamins and minerals as well as being gluten-free, so it makes a perfect substitute for grains. Be careful when preparing to cook Quinoa as it should not be washed before cooking as this will remove the saponins.

Celery – Not a very popular vegetable but it should be as Celery is known to be brimming with two powerful natural steroids for muscle growth called androstenone and androstenol. In males it can help improve sexual health and sperm production. It is also high in natural nitrates which widen your blood vessels, sending O2 to your muscles and increasing time to exhaustion by 17%.

Avocado – The humble Avocado is a well known superfood. It is a rich source of vitamins, potassium, folic acid and cholesterol. Research at Penn State University found that taking avocado has lowered LDL cholesterol and boosted testosterone levels. It also contains 35% more potassium than a banana and a good dose of fibre. The majority of the calories come from healthy fats whilst it also contains oleic acid which is scientifically proven to lower bad cholesterol.

Asparagus - Asparagus contains plant steroid, ecdysteroids and steroidal saponins. It is also considered as a natural aphrodisiac and due to the presence of folic acid and potassium it enhances libido. It is also a rich source of Vitamin E which helps to boost testosterone levels. Asparagus also has diuretic properties as it helps to clear excess water out of your body and is a rich source of vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and dietary fibre.

Fava Beans - Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are known for their ability to increase Human Growth Factor and dopamine levels, both of which will help you to increase your testosterone levels. The reason behind this is due to the high content of L-Dopa, a natural steroid and a scientifically proven precursor for dopamine and growth factor.

Raw Oysters – Not just a delicacy, Oysters contain protein, magnesium, zinc and other vitamins. They are one of the richest sources of zinc. Optimum levels of zinc will give a boost to your testosterone levels. Oysters are also believed to be a good aphrodisiac and improve libido.

If you're putting the hours into your training and already follow a clean diet, simply add at least a few of these amazing foods to your diet and you'll be well on your way to a superhuman physique and performance!



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