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Healthy Chips

Try These Tasty Alternative Fries

By LA Muscle on 27.06.2018 01:21 pm


Sometimes there’s nothing more comforting to eat than a plate of delicious chips (fries to other people!) but the calories that come with it mean it’s not the healthiest choice of meal. We’ve listed some of the best alternatives out there that will satisfy your craving for chips without the added calories that come with them. Not only are these options healthier but they taste fantastic and are so versatile with how you choose to prepare them. Try them with different herbs and spices and you’ll be sure to find some new favourites that will become a regular sight at your mealtimes!

Root vegetables

Sweet potato, parsnips, swede (also called rutabaga), carrots and turnips are all root vegetables that are GREAT options for healthy chips. Sweet potato you may already be familiar with as it’s gained enormous popularity in recent years with most restaurants now offering them as an alternative to regular chips. The others are not as widely used yet but one, or even all of them, could still be in the near future. Their taste is unique and you’re sure to find at least one of them will become a firm favourite in your search for the perfect healthy chip.


Polenta fries are gaining in popularity due to its soft texture and subtle taste. Polenta is make from cornmeal and has been used as an alternative to potatoes for years as well as pasta or rice as a side for meals. It’s high in fibre, low in carbs with zero cholesterol. It’s extremely versatile so give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

Oven baked, not fried is best!

Frying food is the easiest way to add a ton of calories and fat to your food so your best tool for keeping your food as healthy as possible is your oven. Simply peel and chop your ingredients and put them in a baking tray. Add a splash of a healthy oil, such as coconut or rapeseed oil, along with some sea salt, black pepper, mixed herbs and paprika for seasoning. Move the ingredients around the tray to spread the oil and seasoning on them evenly. Bake for the stated duration, depending on the recipe you’re following, and you’ll end up with perfect delicious healthy chips without the added calories!


Go easy on the salt. The excess sodium is where people usually get caught out with fast food. Instead, go for a bit of Himalayan or sea salt and use a selection of your favourite spices to add flavour.

Be careful what sauces you choose to dip them in. Practically all shop bought sauces are high in sodium and sugar and will add all the calories you’re trying to cut in the first place. Why not find a healthy recipe and make your own? There’s plenty of them online and you’re certain to find one you love!



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