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Chick Peas

Find out about the health benefits of chick peas

By LA Muscle on 10.03.2015 03:45 pm


Chick peas are often used in numerous Middle Eastern dishes, and with good reason, their buttery texture goes very well with spicy curries and other dishes. However, chick peas are all about their taste and text, they also come with several nutritional benefits.

chick peas image

Improves Digestion - Chick Peas are packed full of soluble and insoluble fiber. This helps the body digest food and keeps you fuller for longer, therefore reducing the risk of binging on high calorie/high sugar foods.

Helps With Weight Loss - The low-glycaemic index of chick peas means blood sugar stays stable for longer. This effect will improve satiety levels and also reduce the negative storage effects of inulin, helping you to improve energy levels and speed up weight loss.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol -With so much unhealthy food on the market, it is imperative to make sure you monitor bad cholesterol (LDL) and make sure it doesn't climb too high. Chick peas will help you with this mission as they actively reduce LDL, with studies showing they can directly reduce the risk of heart attacks.



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