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Foods To Keep You Cool In The Heat

What To Eat During Summer

By LA Muscle on 16.07.2019 04:54 pm


What we eat plays a vital role in many of our bodily functions, with one of these being regulating our body temperature which we will mention further. There are certain food and drink types which will either cool you down or warm you up and will affect the way your body is able to cope in difficult weather, such as in extreme cold or in this case; extreme heat.

It is recommended that during the hot weather you should aim to lower your carb and protein intake as they are harder to digest and cause increases in body temperature. You should also aim to eat smaller portions to reduce the body’s digestion time and restrict alcohol intake as it can cause dehydration.

Another good thing you can do would be generally to avoid foods that are hot. A hot meal is usually a pleasant experience, however in a heatwave it can substantially raise your internal body temperature contributing to dehydration. There are however, some exceptions.

Here is a variety of foods that are recommended to eat to keep cool during the hot weather.

1. Chilli peppers

It may sound counter-productive but there is science behind the madness. Chilli peppers trick your body into thinking that it is overheating, causing it to sweat and cool down.

2. Gazpacho

The Spaniards certainly know how to deal with hot weather and this chilled Spanish soup makes a light and refreshing meal that is perfect for keeping your body temperature down as well as its high water content keeping you hydrated.

3. Hot drinks

Again this might seem like an odd addition as avoiding heat is the main goal, however after drinking something hot it will trigger the stomach’s thermosensors to react by making the body sweat and you will end up cooler as a result.

4. Coconut milk / water

Coconuts are well known for their hydrating benefits and supplementing your liquid intake with coconut milk or water will help replenish the body due to them being rich in essential minerals and electrolytes.

5. High water foods

Foods that have a high water content help keep the body hydrated and cool. Popular choices such as cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, pineapples, courgettes, mangos, oranges and celery are all good options and should be consumed regularly.

6. Mint

Mint is added to a lot of food and drink in hot weather due to its natural cooling sensation. It has also been known to help keep the brain alert and reduce sluggishness.



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