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Can't get it up? Here's how you can...

A home remedy that may just work and it's free


Heart attacks on the increase. Strokes on the increase. Infertility on the increase. Lack of sexual desire and impotence on the increase. What do they all share? Can you take a guess? Let’s see what the answer could be…

Hippocrates knew this around 460BC: Food is your medicine. Food can cure you and food can also unsurprisingly make you ill. The main common factor in all the above diseases is “thicker blood”. If your blood is thick, it can clot. For the purposes of this article, you will learn something about not being able to get it up AKA impotence and how you can potentially treat it at home.

In order for your penis to function well, it needs to get full of blood, fast. The thinner your blood, the quicker this can happen and the better your penis will function. This is why vasodilators like Viagra and Vasculator can help with sexual energy. They open up the blood vessels and let blood in. Think about it though, if your blood was much thinner, it wouldn’t need any help or pills. It would just swiftly go in and out of your penis when needed.

So what is the problem? Why can’t you get it up? One word: diet. Your diet is probably not one conducive to a healthy penis. But before this is addressed in this article, let’s do a quick test to see if this “thicker blood” is really your problem. You can find out right now at home and then take the necessary steps to correct.

Make sure you can take Aspirin and that you do not have an ulcer or any medical problems and that you are not allergic to Aspirin. As long as you and your doctor are 100% sure that you can take Aspirin, go ahead and take 1 x 300-500mg right now with some food. Take another one in 8 hours and another 8 hours after that. Aspirin is a blood thinner. If the theory in this article applies to you, then you will find that by taking the Aspirin, your penis and erections will come to life over the next 24 hours.

If the at-home Aspirin experiment seems to work for you and you find that your penis is harder and you wake up with a hard-on again, then this potentially proves that you can benefit from thinning blood and that your blood may in fact be too thick and this could be causing you not to be able to get it up and have successful sex.

The good news is that you can easily change your diet to make your blood thinner naturally without the need of any pills or potions. You need to increase blood-thinning foods and decease foods that make your blood thicker.

Blood thinning foods are:


Olive Oil



Curry powder

Cayenne pepper










Sunflower seeds


Red wine





Lake Trout

Another fantastic blood thinner is Vitamin E. The problem is that Vitamin E-rich foods also contain Vitamin-K which thickens the blood!!! So you are better off taking Vitamin-E as a supplement.

Exercise also thins the blood. This is one of the reasons why they tell you to exercise to avoid having a stroke or heart attack. Also a reason why people who exercise are generally more sexual.

Please bear in mind that foods which thin the blood are not suitable for everyone. If you are a easy bleeder, or have frequent nose bleeds or health complications, then you should not follow the advice here.

Foods which thicken the blood usually contain Vitamin-K such as:




Collard greens





You shouldn’t necessarily avoid the above but reduce them.

The diet which is detrimental to the health of your penis is one with too much dairy, milk, white carbohydrates such as rice, white bread, white pasta and too much processed meat or too much meat in general. Too much junk, too much fizzy drinks and too little water are also bad.

There you have it. Try including blood-thinning foods in your diet in moderation at first and see how you get on.

The above article is not intended to replace any medical opinion in any shape or form. If you have a medical condition, seek the advice of a trained doctor. The opinions of this article are not necessarily those of LA Muscle or its related companies.

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